GoldenClix Review – Earn Money by Watching Ads and Completing 9 Simple Tasks
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GoldenClix Review – Earn Money by Watching Ads and Completing 9 Simple Tasks


GoldenClix is a Paid To Click (PTC) website that allows users to earn money by clicking on ads, completing offers and playing games. It’s been around for several years and has gained a decent following in the PTC community. In this platform, users can earn a few cents per click or offer completion, and their earnings can be withdrawn through various payment methods. GoldenClix offers a referral program that allows users to earn a percentage of their referrals’ earnings. In this way, GoldenClix allows users to earn extra income in their spare time.

What is GoldenClix?

Golden Clix is a website that provides a PTC (paid-to-click) service, enabling users to earn money and promote their products or services. Members can make money by completing simple online tasks such as browsing advertisers’ websites, playing grid games, and participating in various offers. Each click on an ad can earn members up to $0.02, with new ads being added daily. Members can view up to 15 ads daily and receive a percentage of the revenue advertisers pay for each ad.

Who can join GoldenClix?

It’s important to note that while GoldenClix may not have any specific age requirement listed on its website, many payment gateways do have age restrictions. For example, PayPal requires account holders to be at least 18 years old in most countries. So, it’s important to ensure you are of legal age to use the payment gateway you choose to withdraw your earnings.

How to make money on GoldenClix?

1. Make money by clicking ads from GoldenClix.

Clicking ads is the primary way to earn rewards on a PTC site. To begin, users must log in to their dashboard and navigate to the “View Advertisements” section, where they will find six different ad categories with varying reward rates, including fixed ads, bonus ads, standard ads, micro ads, tiny ads, and mini ads.

1. Make money by clicking ads from GoldenClix.

The highest-paying ads are typically fixed and bonus ads. The process is straightforward – users must click an ad offer and view it for a specified time (usually around 10 seconds) before closing the window to receive the reward.

The rewards for each ad are typically quite small, with the highest earning potential being $0.001. However, there are typically many ads available to click, making it possible to accumulate earnings over time.

One important note about this earning opportunity is that users must view at least four ads daily to earn clicks from their referrals the following day (more on referrals later). As such, clicking at least four ads daily is necessary to make a referral commission.

2. Make money by Offerwalls from GoldenClix.

Another way to earn on GoldenClix is through offer walls. These offer walls function as a bulletin board where users can find small tasks to complete in exchange for rewards. The offers can vary, with many asking users to take surveys, answer quizzes, or sign up for websites.

To receive the reward for an offer, users must carefully follow the instructions provided. Completing offers on offer walls is particularly important on GoldenClix because it is the only way free members can withdraw their earnings (although membership upgrades are available, which we’ll discuss later).

If you are a free member, you must accumulate 1,000 cashout points before withdrawing your earnings. While completing offers, you will earn cents instead of cashout points. To clarify, the website states that one cashout point is equivalent to $0.0001, meaning you will need to make $1 from offer walls to meet the cashout requirement.

It is important to note that the reward earned from offer walls will be added to your account balance, separate from the cashout requirement.

3. Make money by Paid surveys from GoldenClix.

In addition, to offer walls, GoldenClix also offers survey offers as a way to earn rewards. These survey offers come from other survey sites rather than directly from GoldenClix. When you click on a survey offer, you will be redirected to the site hosting the survey.

First, you will be asked several qualifying questions to determine which survey suits you. Once you complete the qualifying questions, you can proceed to the survey.

After completing the survey, you will receive the reward promised by GoldenClix. While the tips are lower than regular survey sites, they are still significantly higher than you can earn by clicking ads.

Some surveys allow you to complete the survey multiple times, earning more rewards as long as the offer is available.

4. Make Money by Answering the Quiz from GoldenClix.

Another way to earn on GoldenClix is by answering quiz offers. This earning opportunity is simple, answer the quiz, and if you meet the score requirement, you will make the reward promised.

4. Make Money by Answering the Quiz from GoldenClix.

However, quiz offers are limited, depending on the country you reside in. Some countries will have more offers than others, so completing any available quiz offers is recommended as they may only come sometimes.

5. Make Money by Promoting from GoldenClix.

Paid To Promote is an earning opportunity on GoldenClix that allows you to earn rewards by promoting a unique link. Each visit to the link earns you a small reward, and the reward amount increases for each unique visitor. You can also make additional rewards for repeat visits, up to 10 per person.

5. Make Money by Promoting from GoldenClix.

However, there are specific guidelines that you must follow when using Paid To Promote. These include not promoting the link on auto-surf sites, using proxies, and avoiding iframe or link cloaking techniques. Follow these guidelines to avoid your Paid To Promote link being blocked or your account being suspended.

While Paid To Promote may seem like an easy way to earn rewards, the amount you can make per visit could be higher than other online promotion methods. Additionally, the effort required to promote the link and generate many visits may not be worth the reward.

6. Make money by Paid To Sign Up from GoldenClix.

Paid To Sign Up (PTSU) is similar to offers in the Offerwalls section. However, with PTSU, you must only sign up for websites. The offers will appear on your dashboard, and you can choose which ones to complete.

6. Make money by Paid To Sign Up from GoldenClix.

Some offers may require additional tasks to be completed along with the sign-up process. However, it’s essential to note that some offers take considerable time to complete, and the rewards may not be worth it.

You should focus on offers requiring less time and effort. This will enable you to earn rewards more efficiently.

7. Make money by Golden Grid from GoldenClix.

Golden Grid is a game available on GoldenClix where you can earn credits by clicking on grids. When you click on a grid, it will take you to a sponsor’s site that you must view for up to 6 seconds. After the time is up, you will earn 0.25 credits. These credits can be used to advertise your advertisement within Golden Grid.

7. Make money by Golden Grid from GoldenClix.

Every 25 grids clicked, you will win a prize, and you can play up to 250 times. However, there are only 560 grids available, so you won’t have the opportunity to uncover all of them.

While Golden Grid may not be the most efficient way to earn rewards, it can help advertise your link and drive traffic to your site. Just keep in mind that the quality of traffic may be better.

8. Make money by Bonus Game from GoldenClix.

The Bonus game on GoldenClix is a simple and fun way to earn rewards. You can play the game every 60 seconds; you only need to disable your ad-blocker or pop-up blocker to start playing. After clicking the Play button, a new window will pop up, and you will find out what you have won after waiting a few seconds.

8. Make money by Bonus Game from GoldenClix.

The game offers a chance to win up to $5 and many other prizes. The best thing about this game is that it is effortless, and you can play it as many times as you like daily. You only need to wait for 1 minute before playing again. Many members use this waiting time to click on ads and earn even more rewards. The Bonus game is a fun and easy way to earn extra rewards on GoldenClix.

9. Make money by Flip The Coin from GoldenClix.

Flip The Coin is a popular gambling game found on many PTC sites. The game is easy to play. You bet a certain amount of your earnings and click the start button. If you guess correctly, you will win the bet. However, the chance will be deducted from your earnings if you think incorrectly.

9. Make money by Flip The Coin from GoldenClix.

While this game can be exciting, it can also be a trap. It’s easy to become addicted to the game and quickly lose earnings. So, it’s essential to approach Flip The Coin cautiously and avoid getting carried away. Remember, you’ve spent time accumulating your profits, so it’s vital not to waste them all on a single game.

10. Make money by using the Referral Program from GoldenClix.

GoldenClix offers a referral program where you can earn a percentage of your referrals’ clicks on the site. The percentage you earn depends on your membership level, with higher levels making a higher rate.

You can have an unlimited number of direct referrals and also rent referrals to increase your earnings. The rental fee for five referrals is $1, which can be paid using your payments. You can also buy referrals for $2 each, who are members that signed up without a referrer, and become your direct referral.

More referrals can increase your earnings, but there is no guarantee that spending money to obtain referrals will be profitable, as it depends on the referrals’ activity.

How do you get paid from GoldenClix?

On GoldenClix, each ad click or offer completion will earn you a certain amount that will reflect in your account balance. There is no payout threshold you need to meet before withdrawing your earnings.

However, free members can only withdraw earnings once they’ve accumulated 1,000 cashout points. GoldenClix offers various payment methods, including Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoins, AirTM, and Coins. Ph.

While the multiple payment options are a plus, it’s worth noting that GoldenClix doesn’t offer the convenience of PayPal, one of the most common and convenient payment gateways available.


  1. Is GoldenClix free to join?

    Yes, GoldenClix is free to join. You do not need to pay anything to become a member.

  2. What payment methods does GoldenClix support for withdrawals?

    GoldenClix supports multiple payment methods, including Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoins, AirTM, and Coins. Ph.

  3. How long does it take to receive my payment?

    The time it takes to receive your payment may vary depending on your chosen payment method.

  4. Is GoldenClix available worldwide?

    Yes, GoldenClix is available to anyone regardless of where they live. There are no regional restrictions.

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