King of Prizes Review – 6 Best Ways to Earn Money
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King of Prizes Review – 6 Best Ways to Earn Money


Joining a GPT site is one good way to make money online. That’s because, typically, a GPT site offers plenty of money-making options. King of Prizes is a legit GPT site with plenty of earning potential. King of Prizes is a legit GPT site. It pays users for participating in their offers.

Make Money with King of Prizes.

1. Make money by visiting advertiser’s sites.

You can make money on by visiting advertisers’ sites. Once you log in to the site, click on Earn More and press the Click’s sub-tab. Then you will see the time required to finish the viewing and the reward you will earn after viewing it. The time you must spend to view the site is necessary.

When you click on the ad offer, you must answer a captcha before viewing the site. You must wait for the appropriate time before closing the ad. Once finished, you must go back to the Click page and click the confirm button to complete the offer.

You will notice a message at the bottom expressing that you click was registered successfully. That’s when you’ll know you can click on the next ad offer.

2. Make money through King of Prizes Paid Offers.

You can see paid offers as the bread and butter of GPT sites. If you are new to this type of money-making opportunity, paid offers are small tasks you can do to achieve rewards.

Most paid offers will ask you to answer a survey, register on a website, answer a quiz, or play a game. When you click a request, you will see the instructions you must follow to complete it.

All you have to do is follow the letter’s instructions to complete it and earn the reward. The good thing about how they present each paid offer is that you will immediately see how much will be rewarded.

3. Make money b King of Prizesy Paid Surveys.

You will usually see paid surveys on survey sites, but it is also continually discovered on GPT sites. On King of Prizes, the paid surveys will arrive from other sites partnered with them. So, expect a paid survey from something different from the site itself.

3. Make money by Paid Surveys.

Answering a paid survey will involve answering a set of qualifying questions first. Once you are accomplished with that, if you prepare, you will acquire to answer the real survey. Once you finish the actual survey, you will get the reward promised.

4. Make money by King of Prizes Micro Tasks.

Micro Tasks are separate from paid offers. Although, theoretically, they function; peaking, similarly, the nature of the tasks you will need to do will be different.

The things you need to do on micro-tasks are typically for improving a specific process or system, like artificial intelligence. These tasks are generally geared towards processing and collecting data that requires human perception.

Unlike paid offers, where please answer surveys or register to a site, most micro-tasks will invite you to enter data or do a verification. Achieving micro tasks is like paid offers, though.

Follow the group of teachings offered to finish it. Once you are done with the micro-task, you will receive the promised reward.

The micro-tasks offered on King of Prizes will come from Figure Eight.

5. Make money by King of Prizes Play Games.

The best thing about King of Prizes is it will also reward you for playing video games. In King of Prizes, the game you must play to make rewards is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

5. Make money by Play Games.

You must install this game on your computer to participate in this earning opportunity. You must register on the Steam gaming platform and download the ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ free game.

Then, you will also have to link your Steam account to your user account on King of Prizes. Once done, just run the game and select the King of Prizes server.

Now, to earn rewards, within each calendar week (Monday to Sunday), you have to play for at least 30 minutes for four days. If you do that, you will get 100 tokens each day, and on the fifth day, you will earn 50 Koins.

If you are already playing this game continually, this can perform as a nice bonus. You get to make rewards and keep fun at the same time.

6. Make money in King of Prizes Referral Program.

You can also earn rewards by inviting people to join the site. As with most GPT sites, a referral program will incentivize you to recruit other members.

6. Make money in Referral Program.

You can invite people to join the site by sharing your referral link or embedding your invite banner to your website (if you have one).

You will then bring a 1000 Koins (the currency they are using) reward when your referral makes their first 2000 Koins. That’s the incentive they are offering for requesting people to join.

Of course, you must ensure the person you invite is interested in becoming a member. Otherwise, you won’t earn anything from this opportunity.

How do you get paid By the King of Prizes?

How do you get paid?

The coin you will earn on King of Prizes is called Koins. These are points you can use to swap rewards. You can make Koins from most of the offers on the site, but they also present another reward called tokens.

You can swap the Koins you’ve made for specific gift cards or cash. The lowest number of Koins you require to start exchanging rewards is 5550.

That will be equal to a €10 Amazon gift card. Of course, there are different gift cards you can select from, but they need more Koins.

And the exact reward procedures offered will lean on the country you live in.

If you select getting paid in money, King of Prizes also presents PayPal as a reward in numerous countries.


  1. Can you use it on mobile?

    King of Prizes doesn’t have a mobile app you can download to your mobile device, but you can access it from a mobile device using a web browser. So you will still be able to work on it even when you are not sitting in front of the computer.

  2. Who can join King of Prizes?

    Most GPT sites are available globally. Some are limited to specific regions, but King of Prizes is not one of them. You will register, however of where you live.

  3. Is King of Prizes legit?

    King of Prizes is a legit GPT site. It does pay users for participating in their offers.

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