ReceiptPal App Review – 3 Easy Ways To Make Money

ReceiptPal App Review – 3 Easy Ways To Make Money


Are you looking for an easy way to earn rewards? There’s an app called ReceiptPal that claims you will turn Scan and upload Receipts into rewards. And you can also make money by playing bonus games.

What is ReceiptPal?

Firstly, ReceiptPal is a legit app that will reward you for only uploading a photo of your receipts. It is free to download and lets you make rewards by taking photos of your shopping receipts. Use the ReceiptPal app to snap photos of your receipts and achieve points that can be swapped for rewards. The more receipts you snap, the more excellent your potential earnings are. Also, you can make money by playing bonus games.

Getting Started With ReceiptPal.

Joining ReceiptPal is easy. get the app fairly quickly; it took two minutes to complete registration. It’s currently available in both the App Store for iPhone users and the Google Play Store for android users. To Join the ReceiptPal app is entirely FREE.
When you originally open the app, you will be asked to provide an email address, date of birth, gender, and zip code. It is a minimal amount of information. Once you are set up, you’ll see that the app is designed and easy to navigate.

Make Money By ReceiptPal.

1. Make money by Upload Receipts.

This is the most familiar way to make rewards. Scan your receipt after shopping and stay for the payments to come through.

1. Make money by Upload Receipts.

With ReceiptPal, you make points every time you scan a receipt. And as a reward, all your receipts are reserved on the mobile app. You can also keep track of your spending.

When out and about, you must snap a picture of your receipt and upload it into the app. You’ll get 25 points for each receipt you share.

They set the mobile app up with point cards. Every time you finish a card, you will reach 100 points. You must shoot a photo of four receipts to finish one card.

2. Make money by Sweepstakes.

Whenever you upload a receipt, you will be joined into ReceiptPal’s weekly sweepstakes. This is a possibility to win a $250 gift card.

2. Make money by Sweepstakes.

Every validated receipt counts as an entry. They draw three winners every week. Winners are notified via email, so check your junk mail, so you don’t miss out on an opportunity.

3. Make money by playing Bonus Games.

After completing a card, you have the option to play a game. These games can reward you with points or additional sweepstakes access. You’ll have to follow the onscreen instructions to get your reward.

3. Make money by playing Bonus Games.

You can reach a maximum of five bonus games per week. You can accrue these, and they will remain active whenever you want to play them. But you can’t accrue over five at a time.

But if you go 90 days without using ReceiptPal, you’ll fail your accrued reward games.

How do you get paid?

As said above, every receipt card you complete will make you points which will be credited to your ReceiptPal point balance. You can then swap the points you’ve made for different gift cards.

How do you get paid?

You can use a Visa prepaid card if you want to make money.
For an Amazon gift card, you will only require making 2000 points, equal to $5. Their reward procedure is straightforward, with a low payout threshold of $5. That means you can easily payout your rewards points.

How to Maximize Your Earnings?

The main way to make money on ReceiptPal is to scan receipts. The more frequently you upload a receipt, the more constantly you can make points.

And you are keeping things regular means you can earn points extensively quickly.

You have five total punch cards to fill out at one time. After which, you’ll get additional cash rewards and sweepstakes options. ReceiptPal rewards users using the app frequently.

After filling out your five punch cards, you will earn three more punch cards every week. With this process, make at least a few extra weekly bucks.


  1. How much money can you make?

    Every receipt card you complete will achieve 100 points, instructing you to upload four receipts. To put it into viewpoint, 100 points is equal to $0.25.

  2. Can you use it on a desktop?

    ReceiptPal is a mobile-only platform. Use a mobile device to make money on them. You can’t use it from a desktop or a laptop.

  3. Is ReceiptPal Legit or a Scam?

    ReceiptPal is a legit app that’s been roughly long sufficiently to have a good reputation and solid client base. The points are actual, and so are the gift cards they reward their members.

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