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Earn Money Online By Reading | Best Method in 2024


Imagine being able to make money online by reading on the internet. Yes, you may easily earn 50 dollars to 1000 dollars every hour just by reading and speaking. Yes, this much money can be made in an hour. This method is free and effective, and it can be used anywhere on earth and money online by reading.

Keep reading this blog because I’ll tell you all you need to know to get started on this. Including all the necessary information, so you can see how simple it is and money online by reading. In today’s article, I’ll show you how to earn anyone from 50 dollars to 1000 dollars simply by reading. This will be an easy way to make money online by reading in 2022.

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I’ll show you how to leverage the best and most effective platforms to make money online by reading quickly. Stay reading the article until the end if you’re interested.

How To Make Money Online By Reading.

So, as I said, we can now get paid to read books and opportunities are emerging that allow us to spin things productively while Make Money Online By Reading. Now, reading books is a great way to learn new things and broaden your knowledge on any subject. Like most people, I used to read a lot when I was younger, but then life happened, and I had to grow up and focus most of my time on work, parenting, and keeping the house in order.

money online by reading

Joining this platform is a simple method to break into this area and don’t worry I’ll explain everything first. So, you can see how unique it is and prove that you can money online by reading with it. So, it’s a free network that connects voice narrators with authors who want to turn their novels into audiobooks, this website is free to join, and you don’t need to be experienced.

Working From Home As A Voice Narrator And Money Online By Reading.

Here I’ll tell you my tips for working from home as a voice narrator. This platform is one of the best-performing marketplaces. Where literary agents’ authors and publishers can connect with engineers’ narrators. And recording studios produce finished audiobooks owned by Amazon and audible. This platform aids matched narrators with book and author-publishers. By giving them a chance to submit auditions for open audiobook projects.

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The best thing is that it doesn’t have a formal application. The whole process is a hundred percent free. In addition, once you sign up with the website, you can start getting paid for your project on the site. However, the most asked question among the newbies is how much do this website’s narrators make. Well to find out read this article to the end, as I answer this question along with other frequently asked questions on this platform, how much can I Make Money Online By Reading with this website as a newbie without experience.

Now, as a newbie, you should know that today’s website doesn’t operate as a get-rich-quick platform. It takes persistence and effort to become successful when using this platform. However, in the meantime, getting projects on this website is not as challenging as you can imagine. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for an incredible way to money online by reading and make extra income from home.

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This site should be the best platform for you. The only trick is that you should learn how to record audiobooks the best way. Nonetheless, it is highly recommended not to jump full-time until you have experience and optimize your workflow. If you guys are enjoying this place, like and share it with your friends.

How To Get Paid Maximum Profits And Make Money Online By Reading.

As a newbie, you can get paid maximum profits since you will be gaining experience and growing to become a seasoned narrator. However, the amount you get paid as a narrator on this site will highly depend on an array of factors, including pay rate, your experience as a narrator, your audiobook’s length, as well as a platform to create the audiobook.

As a novice, you can Make Money Online By Reading from 10 dollars money online by reading pfh per finished hour to 100 dollars pfh money online by reading. On the other hand, an experienced narrator can earn up to one 100 dollars pfh to 300 pfh. Usually, pfh is determined by the narrator’s pay rate for every completed audiobook. pfh is a one flat rate payment for a whole audiobook.

What is Royalty Share?

Now royalty share, this involves splitting royalties 50 to 50 the rights holder or the author. And also, this royalty share plus this is the combination of pfh and royalty share. Most of this platform’s narrators use the royalty share. This means you will Make Money Online By Reading fifty percent of whatever you make from audiobook sales on Amazon audible as well as iTunes. For instance, when the author earns ten dollars for every audiobook sold, you’ll earn five dollars, which is fifty percent of the royalties. When the book sells.

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Well, this is without a doubt a great deal, for instance. When I share six dollars per book, an average of five to six hours of audiobooks, and the book sells approximately 100 copies per month, this one book can earn you up to 600 per month. Although this is a hypothetical scenario, it doesn’t mean it’s unobtainable. By now, you can visualize how recording several royalty share audiobooks can add up as time progresses.

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However, not all books recorded as royalty shares sell incredibly well. Some books might sell worse or better depending on Amazon’s sales, rank, reviews, and the author’s promotional efforts. Recording royal share audiobooks will be best for you if you need an excellent way of earning Money Online By Reading passive income. Although it will be slow to build as a newbie now as time passes, and you become an experienced narrator, you will start making more from royalty share audiobooks, than taking a one-time pfh payment.

An Important Part Of Royalty Share.

It is due to this reason that most of these platforms’ narrators prefer mixing per finished hour projects. And royalty shares with pfh you will have a chance to money online by reading right away. On the other hand, royalty share will ensure you get paid over, this means that you will continue receiving payment even when you stop recording audiobooks in the future.

This is why royalty share plus stands out as the best form of payment. Unlike royalty share plus, allows the author to pay a small fee to narrators that will cover production costs, proofing, editing, as well as mastering. Usually, the author and narrator negotiate between the small upfront fees when the audiobook becomes available. You will receive 20 royalties as the narrator, and the author will also receive 20 royalties.

Considered Paying For The Production Program.

What makes this program an excellent program is that when the author doesn’t have sufficient money to use in the production program. You as the author will get paid a lower amount to aid the narrator. Furthermore, you will also have access to narrators who might have previously considered paying for the production program. You will also have access to the bounty program as this platform’s narrator.

Now, if the author or you as the narrator receive new subscribers to audible, you will receive 25 respectively. There are currently over 1300 books listed on this website. Ready for auditors to narrate, and every day new titles to the platform. With these high numbers of projects, therefore there is no shortage of work and to get started, here are things you will require, gather the required equipment.

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Create a narrator profile for free on today’s website, create a quiet space for recording in your home. Closets are the best to create approximately one to three audio samples and then upload them on your profile. Audacity is a perfect tool for creating audio samples, and the best part is that it’s free. These samples will give your profile an excellent and professional look.

The Required Equipment To Make Money Online By Reading.

You should also start auditioning for the available books. Consider doing so until you get the first job on the platform. To get started, you will need to invest in high-quality equipment that will aid in recording some top-notch audiobooks. These tools include a professional, high-quality microphone. The most recommended microphone is a condenser microphone.

Also, getting a pop filter is highly essential when it comes to preventing too much air from getting into the mic, which will result in the popping sound often known as plosives. Additionally, a microphone stands when recording audiobook stability, and flexibility, are of great essence, and this allows you to move the mic around in a comfortable position for an extended time. Now, for headphones, a pair of studio headphones above your ears is great when it comes to recording audiobooks.

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You’ll also need editing, recording software to record and edit your recordings, to help you create outstanding audition samples and audiobook chapters. Okay, so we’re almost at the end, but before we end this blog. I want you to take note that to use this platform you will need to live in the United States, UK, Ireland, or Canada. As a narrator, the earnings on ACX differ significantly, and it typically depends on the type of platform you settle for choosing a platform to work with, as a newbie narrator, becomes relatively easy as I conclude.

I hope you found this article beneficial as you plan to record audiobooks on ACX and yes, ACX is the name of today’s platform, and you’ll find it at


Alright, well, that wraps up today’s Blog if you made it until the end of this blog,  just know that you’ll start making money if you decided to step up. Don’t let your emotions control you, get up and start following whatever I told you in this blog about money online by reading.

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