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4 Best Platforms To Get Paid by Listening to Music


Here’s a question, did you make money the last time you listened to music? We all know that we love music. We listen to it all the time. In the car, when we’re out with friends, we even listen to it when we’re doing our homework. But what if you could press a button on your phone or your personal computer that would give you money every time you listen to your favorite song?

Yes, it is a thing that works. So, pay attention to this article. I’ll tell you how to get paid by listening to music and everything that I know about the strategy. And how to make money using it? Using the method, you can make thousands of dollars or only a couple of dollars. You may make a lot of money online if you read every word of this article, and you’ll learn how to get paid by listening to music.

How To Get Paid By Listening To Music On PayPal.

Now let’s get back to the main topics. With this strategy, you will discover how to listen to music and get paid regularly by just pressing a button on your phone. Listening to music while earning money. Imagine waking up in the morning and just turning up your money-making music machine, then going on with your day. Have a nice meal and earn money while playing your favorite tunes. Making a PayPal account is the first thing we’ll need to do. This is how we’ll get your money from several websites that I’ll tell you about today.

How To Create A Personal PayPal Account?

Open your browser and search into the search bar to go to And click on the sign-up button. Click next after creating a simple personal account. And that’s all there is to it. In no time, you’ll have your account up and running. You may do this and earn money from these websites from anywhere in the world, regardless of where you live. There is no need to pay for premium membership to use this.

The First Platform Where Do We Get Paid By Listening To Music

The first platform, where do we make money listening to music, is home page where you get paid

The website will pay you with PayPal. A lot of people are already familiar with it. It’s effortless and straightforward. Here you can see the live statistics of all the different listeners worldwide. This website has already paid out a massive amount to its users worldwide. The website has many users from all over the world. Listening to music right now and earning money.

How To Have Access To The Dashboard On Radioearn.Com

Access to the dashboard. Sign up for this website by clicking on the sign-up button. After clicking, please provide them with the information needed to successfully create your new account. For you to view your very own dashboard. Once you have access to your dashboard, you’ll pick out one of three radio stations right here.

How To Make Money Listening To Music At Radioearn.Com?

You’re paid every couple of minutes of listening, and the points will add directly to your account. Later it will be converted into actual cash. But before you’re able to make cash using this method. Make sure to input your payment details or whatever payment method you want to ink with it.

How To Start And Get Paid By Listening To Music At Radioearn.Com

To begin listening and earning, click on the “start earning” button. Once you click on the radio station, another tab will be opened. Just click on the play icon and get paid to listen to music.

radioearn play music for ger paid system

The best thing about this method is that you can leave it in the background. After the required number of minutes, you will change to another station. That’s about it for this platform. Easy as cake and very user-friendly. So, give it a try now.

The Second Platform, Where Do We Get Paid By Listening To Music

Now let’s get back to another way to make money by listening to music. I found this website that pays you for using your phone while listening to music. That is home page iimage

All you have to do is go to this website and sign up. Once signed up, they will email you a confirmation to verify your account. On your first login, they’ll show you an information board. You will see all the flow and the how-to-use of the website to make money. Make sure to read on so that you’ll be aware of the dos and don’ts of the platform. Also, don’t forget to link your payment option to this website to get paid. Once you’re eligible for payments. When it’s complete, you can start earn money by listening to music.

The Third Platform, Where Do We Get Paid By Listening To Music

Moving on to the next platform. That is

hitpredictor home page image

This is one of my favorite websites for making money by listening to music. You will likely earn money as a critic for the songs you listen to on this website. Once you log into your account, you have to click on the “create your account now” button. To rate the music, that will open up a player where you can see the artist and the music they produce. Once you finish listening, you’ll be directed to a page. Where you can leave a comment and rate the artist’s music. Once you’ve finished reading, you can earn points. Where later, you can convert it to cash.

The Fourth Platform, Where Do We Get Paid By Listening To Music

It is the last website, and definitely not the least, is home page you can get paid here

You can listen to music brands, review their songs, and make money out of them. According to their website, it’s the industry’s leading song and talent filter. Here you have a lot of categories to choose from on how you want to earn money. You may want to listen to music, or you can also submit music. To check for those jobs, click on the “Browse Opportunities” button to view the specific jobs.


Now let me have a short recap on the platforms that we’ve discussed.

  • The First website

It’s On this website, you can earn money just by listening to music. You can stream music and iTunes if you want to. Just go onto the website and register for a free account.

  • The second website

It is This website will pay you when you pick up your phone and dial some numbers and listen to an internet radio broadcast.

  • The third website

It is reviewing upcoming music that has never been heard by anyone before. You rate the musicians and artists that you’ve listened to, and you’ll be paid because of your honest opinion.

  • The last website

It is You can get paid by listening to music and submitting your music to them.

And that’s it.

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