4 Best Way to Make Money Using FeaturePoints FeaturePoints Review

FeaturePoints Review: 3 Best Ways to Make Money


Do you want to know if FeaturePoints is an easy way to make some free money online, or if it is a waste of time? then this article is for you. in this feature point review, I will give you an inside look, I will tell you exactly how it works. I will tell you the pros and the cons. so you can decide for yourself if this is the right opportunity for you. But that does not necessarily mean it’s the right option for you. I will explain all this. So, you can decide and judge for yourself. Before I share how FeaturePoints works with you, let’s first go about this website and what it’s all about.

What is FeaturePoints?

FeaturePoints is a get-paid website. You can make money online by doing surveys, participating in different offers, and doing other tasks you’ll find on the platform. This website is available worldwide. So pretty much where you are in the world. You should be able to participate, and signing up is free. How much you can make from this platform depends on several things. Such as the part of the world where you are. So, in other words, in certain parts of the world. There are many opportunities on the platform than in other countries. It also depends on how much time you spend doing the different tasks on this platform and how many options you get on this website.

Is FeaturePoints legit?

It’s legit. Because These services mainly exist to generate get of apps to get higher rankings and to get on many devices as possible. A developer will pay for these sites. They come up with the points. You may redeem the points for cash in the iTunes store, Amazon, PayPal, etc.

Who Can Join Featurepoints?

Now let’s go over who can join. And you can join feature points from more or less all countries. There might be some countries you cannot participate from. There’s nothing you can do about that. But it is available in a lot of different countries. You can both use it on a website. So, you can go to the website and sign up. You can also use it through their app.

They have an app both for ios devices and for Android devices. It can be great to combine them because a few earning opportunities are only available through the app. Others are just easier to do on the website. But I will explain more about the different earning options when we log in. so let’s do that now.

How To Sign Up For Featurepoints

You can go to featurepoints.com to find it to participate on this platform. You need to sign up if you don’t already have an account. And that process can take you only about five minutes or even less.

make money watch videos

All you need to do is “sign up or log in” click here when you’re on this page.

How to sign up for FeaturePoints

From here, you need to enter your email. Check here and continue or sign up with apple, sign up with Facebook, or sign up with Google. Nice, after you confirm your email, remember to go to your email. The email that you’ve used to sign up to verify your account. So, they will send you a message with a link. click the link to confirm the account, then sign in to start the process of making money. You can immediately access your dashboard.

The Process To Get Paid To Watch Videos With Featurepoints.

After signing up, you can log into your new account and start making money on this website. Feature a point with a lot of opportunities. You can complete surveys. Read emails, watch videos and there is the cashback feature. But I want you to focus on watching the video opportunities on the website. As it is the easiest and fastest way to earn money on this website. What I want you to do is select as many videos as possible and let them play in the background. With every video that you watch, you get paid to watch videos.

This means that you dictate the amount you earn on the website. The more you watch, the more bucks you earn. Plus, you don’t have to watch the videos, you can just let them play. Mute the audio if the sounds are annoying, and go about your business. This is so cool because all you need to do is click the videos as much as you can. And let it run in the background with the audio muting, with this you get paid to watch videos instantly.

Now, I need to tell you that the platform gives you points per video. And there is a level of points you need to have on the platform before you can withdraw. That is why I advise that you watch as many videos as you can so that you can earn more points. There are different videos and companies on the platform from which you can earn different points.

How to Make Money Using FeaturePoints?

The First Way to Make Money Using FeaturePoints.

Your dashboard is going to look something like this.

The First Way to Make Money Using FeaturePoints.

You’re going to see how to endpoints. On the left, here they say endpoints. You can see there are surveys, offers, win, and share with friends. Now we’re not going to go through all of them in detail. I’m just going to explain what each section, or you know, category means. So here, you’ll find different survey opportunities from various survey offers. They’ve just added polish.

The First Way to Make Money Using FeaturePoints.

This is what you can do to earn money on this platform. And I think that service is one of the most significant ways to make money on featurepoints.

The Second Way to Make Money Using FeaturePoints.

The second way you can make money is by participating in different offers. Now depending on the country you are there are different offers. Suppose you are in South Africa. They have the peanut lab offers.

The Second Way to Make Money Using FeaturePoints.

Where you can participate and end up to 2 000 points, you can also enter their daily and monthly contests.

The Second Way to Make Money Using FeaturePoints.

So, every single day you have an opportunity to enter a giveaway and five dollars. So, if you are selected, you earn five dollars. You also can enter a monthly giveaway. I mean contest of a hundred dollars. So, this one is only done once and for you to enter these different contests. You need to have tokens.

How To Get Tokens?

So for you to get tokens, you need to participate in surveys participate in gotten apps. So every time you get 20 points, you get one token. To enter the five-dollar daily contest, you need one token. To enter the monthly one, you need only two tokens. So, this is another way you can make money on this platform.

The 3rd Way To Make Money Using Featurepoints Is Referral Codes.

You can also earn money by sharing this app or featurepoints referral codes with others, your family, your friends. You can do so on social media.

The Fourth Way to Make Money Using FeaturePoints is referral codes.

Such as Facebook on Twitter, and you can share using your email. If you have a YouTube channel, it’s another opportunity to share your link. You get to earn more points whenever people sign up, and they end money.

Featurepoints Payment Method

FeaturePoints Payment method

How you can get paid and go to the cash section, choose gift cards or bitcoin that’s the payout options. How much you need to earn to get paid will depend on your preferred payout method for cash. You can see it starts at five dollars for bitcoin. It begins at 10 for gift cards. It depends on your country because the exact gift cards will vary from country to country.

Bonus Tip To Get Paid To Watch Videos.

Now a bonus tip. If you have multiple devices, you can open accounts on all of these devices and carry out the same processes. I have explained above, this way you increase your earning points and your earnings.


  1. How many points you can earn from FeaturePoints Referral code?

    You can earn 50 points as a bonus.
    And referral bonus of 25%

  2. How many feature points is a dollar?

    Six hundred points are $1 dollar.

  3. How do feature points make money?

    Yes, you can, there have 4 ways to make money from featurepoints.

  4. Is FeaturePoints available in India?

    FeaturePoints works everywhere in the world, India also.

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