How To Play Axie Infinity NFT Game And Earn Crypto Coin With Their Marketplace

Play Axie Infinity NFT Game & Earn Easy Crypto Coin in 2024


So, till now, we talked about NFT, how to create it, and how to list and sell it! today, we are going to talk about games and how NFTs are being used in games? And how many people are earning a lot of money using these games! And is this the right time to enter such games and earn money? Let’s understand this whole thing how is it working, and in actuality, is it worth it or not?

What Is Axie Infinity? How Are Nfts In This Game?

So, the name of the game is Axie Infinity. This game is not a new one. It has been running for at least 1-1.5 years, and has been in a lot of trends, But in starting; I thought it was just a small trend. It would be over as time passes. But it wasn’t like that, so I thought that people are now being conscious regarding NFTs. So, this is the right time to talk about this.

Necessary Information About Axie Infinity

So, when you go to the Homepage, You’ll receive all the necessary information here.

Necessary information about Axie Infinity

Some highlighted points like one are that The Most Expensive Axie (NFT) sold here was worth $820,000, And 28 lakh Daily Active Players. And except this, more information regarding this game, that you actually earn Crypto by playing this game Which you can use to trade further in this game or Else you can withdraw this in your account. So basically, there are two modes: Adventure and Arena Battle; The third thing is breeding.

Axie Infinity’s Partners.

 If you glance at their partners, there are many big names included here: Binance, Ubisoft, Samsung, AAVE, UPbit, MAKER, DELPHI DIGITAL, and kyber network. 

Axie Infinity Live Price, Market Cap, Volume, Supply.

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What Is Ronin’s Wallet, And How Its Work?

Suppose you click on Play Now. Then it’ll show you four options if you remember that We talked about the MetaMask wallet for Crypto related assets. So here, instead of Meta Mask, here is a different wallet named Ronin.

What is Ronin's wallet, and how its work?

You’ll have to create that wallet for this game. So, you can create it very simply; nothing is tough here; You can select your required option from the given: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Mobile. Then click on Next, and you will come on ‘AXIES’;

What Does Mean Axies?

Here Axies, you can understand as a fish, and this fish is the core of this game. We have to use this fish to play this game and earn money.

What does mean Axies?

But here is a twist to start this game, you need at least 3 Axies, and these 3 Axies 3 Fish can be brought using two methods. Either you have to spend money and buy them from Marketplace to start your game Or Become a Scholar. And how is this working, that I’ll tell you afterward? But before that, let’s complete this setup.

How To Set Up Axie Infinity?

So, it is a normal setup. You can get this on either Windows, MAC OS, Android, or iOS. We have our game stores like Epic Game Store and Steam; Likewise, they have Mavis Hub, so, as you open Game Store. Will be launched.

How to set up Axie Infinity?

 here you have installed Axie Infinity. As you’ll click the play button, the game will open.

Axie Infinity Has Its Marketplace?

Now to purchase this Axis, they have their dedicated Marketplace and let me tell you that. And this is it.

Axie Infinity has its Marketplace?

In the last 24 hours, 80.985 Ethereum, which means a $283.10k trade, has been done. And all these Axies are NFTs. They are Digital Assets; purchase them, and after earning money, you can sell them. As simple as that. So here it shows you the Total Volume is this much. If you see the last 30 days, then more than $100 Million is only used here for trading, And more than 1,325,762 Axies have been sold (in the last 30 days).

Axie Infinity has its Marketplace?

If we go to Marketplace, then here it shows that 591,072 Axies are ready to get sold. So here I have filtered this on the lowest price, So here it is showing that the minimum Axie Infinity that we can purchase here is $36. And if one axie Infinity for $36, and we need three axies to start, it will be a total of around $105-108; And $108 as an initial investment to start this game.

How Does This Axie Infinity Game Work?

Here on the screen, you can see 3 Axies are present and suppose that we have purchased these.

How does this Axie Infinity game work?

So like we have purchased these three, On the left side, you can see two options: Adventure and Arena; And like PUBG, in this, different PvP modes are added as the season changes. If you see on the top left side, there is an energy sign, which is 20/20. Within every 5–6 Hours, We will receive 20 energy tokens, And by using that energy, we have to perform every task.

What Does Axie Infinity Task Mean?

What I mean by task is that daily we used to receive a task list. That we have to complete certain tasks daily. So, that we can earn SLP. As we move to adventure, here, we will see different levels. And on the top left side,

What does Axie Infinity task mean?

You can see 0/50 with a Potion sign, And the name of this potion is SLP, ‘Smooth Love Potion.’ This SLP is a cryptocurrency that we receive as we complete the tasks accordingly.

How To Play The Axie Infinity Game?

So, you can see here that an adventure game has started; Our team is on the left side, and the opposing team is on the right side.

How to play the axie infinity game?

And, in this, we have to do beating as we do in Tekken 3. We have to defeat our opponent team and earn SLP. As simple as that. All the axies also gain one level because They receive more powers. We can use more SLP on how all these things work. And as here, we have won the game to receive SLP.

Here are some Daily Quests: ‘Daily Check-in,’ ‘Complete ten adventure modes,’ ‘Win 5 Arena Matches’, so you will receive 25 SLP for absolutely free. So by doing these tasks daily, we can earn almost 105 SLP; In fact, we can earn 105 SLP every 6 hours; we can earn 105 SLP using 20 energy, And 6 hours are required to refill energy. So the thing here is that we played this game and defeated our opponents. We got the SLP. But what are we going to do with the SLP?

What Are We Going To Do With The SLP?

So if you go and see at Crypto Market, Then here SLP (Smooth Love Potion) is a listed token/crypto coin.

What are we going to do with the SLP?

And the value of that is $0.01. Now it is so highly degraded in today’s date. If you saw the value of this one month ago, that was three times now, $0.03. And by mistake, if you check it on a year, you will be surprised because six months ago, this was trading for $0.3.

What are we going to do with the SLP?

So, you can say that if you are earning 105 SLP daily, Then you earn 3150 SLP in one month; And if you multiply 3150 SLP by $0.3 (the rate of this six months ago), So it’ll be close to around $945, which means just playing an NFT game people were earning this much a few days ago.

How To Earn Money From Axie Infinity.

Let me tell you the main point from where the money is coming from. Normal people even list the Axies here on the Marketplace as we are, but where did he get this? Because there is one more twist in this game: You have 3 Axies, so out of those, you can Breed 2 Axie Infinity, And they’ll produce a baby, which you can list on this Marketplace. And for that breeding, you will need SLP.

How to Earn money from Axie Infinity.

For 1st breeding → 900 SLP, For 2nd breeding → 1350 SLP, For 3rd breeding → 2250 SLP, the price increases accordingly.

How To SLP Price Gating High?

One more thing is that The SLP you will use for breeding Will be burnt. It cannot go into circulation again; It is defined. Because of this, many players in this game, after competing with each other, when breed and list their new Axie Infinity on Marketplace for earning. So there is so much SLP trading that its price goes very high.

How To Play And Earn Free As An Axie Infinity Scholar?

Another thing is Scholarship, which I told in the starting that you can become a Scholar. The people who don’t want to invest money so that they can apply for Scholarships. And to whom do they need to apply for a Scholarship? They can apply to those ‘Managers,’ those who don’t want to play but want to earn money using this. Suppose that I invested money here in 3 Axie Infinity, and I made a team of 3 Axies.

And after that, I became I manager, And I said that I don’t have time to play here, And if anyone from you wants to play, Then you can tell me, And I’ll provide you with a gift. And while providing that gift, I can set Profit/Sharing Ratio; You are my scholar, And I am giving all the Axies as a manager, That they’ll come in your account, and you can play.

But from your game, All the SLP that you’ll earn out of that Profit/Sharing will be set by default; I can set that ratio, like If you want: 70-30%, 60-40%, 50-50% Because the investment is mine, and I also want a return from that so that any manager can set the ratio like this.


If you have time for playing and want some experience, you can do an entry as a Scholar; To apply as a Scholar, you can join the ‘Axie Infinity’ Discord server. All the information is a available lot of scholars are there. So this is the whole system, how many people are earning money, Not from now, but for a long time.


  1. How do you get infinity in Axie?

    You can get infinity in Axie with Ronin wallet simply Create your Ronin wallet and add it as an extension for your browser or mobile device.

  2. Can you play Axie on infinity on our mobile phone?

    Yes, Axie Infinity is available to play and get on your both mobile devices Android and iOS.

  3. What is Axie Infinity Price or value?

    Axie Infinity Current value is 5,164Axie Infinity 1 Day Return value is -0.96%Axie Infinity 7 Day Return value is -0.30%

  4. Can you play Axie Infinity on PC?

    Yes, Axie Infinity is available on PC you can play this Axie Infinity on PC by emulators via its official website.

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