How to Make Money from NFT Trending Money Making Methods in 2022

How to Make Money from NFT | Best Money-Making Methods in 2024


In this article, I will tell you what is NFTs, How to create an NFT, how to make money from NFTs, how to buy an NFT, and how to make money selling NFTs, how to make money through NFT, how to make money with NFTs, how to make money from NFT art, what is Non-fungible token, how to invest in NFT, What are these monkeys and NFT crypto points? How do we grow our online business with NFTs? You can think of it as the ultimate beginner’s course?

What Are NFTs?

So, what are NFTs or non-fungible tokens? Let’s make things simple. I have five hundred dollars. If I want now to give you two hundred dollars. I am sure you don’t care if I give you this new one or even old ones also, I can send you with bank transfer; it’s all are same. There is nothing unique about every way.
The second feature is giving you a divided section like a hundred and two fifty dollars. So these dollars can be split, and there’s nothing unique about each way. So, these dollars are fungible.

What Does Mean Nfts Or NFT Meaning?

So, what do we mean by NFT and non-fungible tokens? It’s something you can’t break down anymore, and it’s unique in itself. Let’s give an example.

NFT Collections

Here is one of the NFT Collections. If you want to buy this NFT now. Do you buy a copy of it? Buy and want the original NFT. You have to make sure it’s from the right artist. So, you want to buy this unique NFT. You can’t buy a duplicate of it or something like that. You want this unique NFT. Obviously, you can’t divide it. So, this is a non-fungible token. The main characteristic is that we cannot split it, which is unique. There is something unique in every token. The NFT uniqueness is a value lies token. Because we’re tokens approximately the virtual world, those tokens are digital.

Is it Bitcoin NFT?

Now a little test Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is it NFT? Of course not. The reason is that Bitcoin can be divided into stashes. The 2nd reason is that there may be nothing specific in each Bitcoin. Again, if you inquire from me now to send you bitcoin, it doesn’t matter if you send it from any wallet or any bitcoin. You want Bitcoin, Like the $a hundred that I defined in the beginning. I hope you get the idea.

Where Do You Sell Nfts And How To Make Money From NFT?

If you want to buy something online, we usually have an online market. If you want to buy a phone, laptop, or tab, go to a store or market right. As that NFTs, we have an NFT market. The best market for NFT is,, And Today, we will talk about and give you a working example of how to do it. The method is almost the same for rarible and mintable.

Let’s Introduce Opensea.Io

So go to You can search for something you need from accounts here. Or you can click Explore. home page

And start with these categories, songs, website names, collectibles, sports, and whatever. NFT can be anything digital. Even the site name can be NFT. Even music, audio, videos, and photography. Anything digital can be converted to NFT. Lightweight, I want something trendy now. Let’s go to any account here.

NFT item

He has nine items, and this one cost 333 ETH. If you want to buy it, click buy now. Of course, I won’t buy this now. It’s $975,143.88. Based on today’s Ethereum price

for nft buy checking this box

Click on “Buy now”. Confirm the checkout. Click or select this and then confirm. So, you can buy directly in this marketplace.

How To Create NFT And How To Make Money From NFT?

The basic query or concept is creating our NFT and promoting it at opensea. I will now do a small example. I’ll visit If you do not know canva, it’s one of the excellent websites to create any online design.

canva home page

You will create a design and click on the Instagram post. Just for a 1000 x 1000 pixel template. And let’s look for a funny element. I chose monkey. Let’s get this funny design for NFT. Then sets the color I chose to the red color. And I will set the background in black.

Creating NFT

This is my NFT it is just an example; remember this. Let’s set the This is your NFT. get this. Remember this to get in PNG. Now let’s pass again to opensea. Now I’ll go and click on Create. Then it’s going to question me about signing in with metamask mechanically.

What Is Metamask?

Now, if you don’t know about metamask? It’s a cryptocurrency wallet. metamask is a wallet that you put a cryptocurrency in, and this wallet has a google chrome extension. If you want to install the extension, go metamask. home page

Make sure to use this site. Be careful; because there have a lot of scammers. Go, Then get, Select Chrome or your browser name, and install metamask in your browser. It will automatically install in your browser.

Do I Have Any Investment To Make Money From NFT?

Only the first time if you don’t have anything in your wallet because when you create a group, it will ask you for a gas fee.

How To Create Your NFT At Opensea?

Let’s do it in practice. To show you directly how this happens. You have to go to your account first, then collection.

create nfts my collection

Then click Create a collection.

Create a collection

You need to select a logo. Choose the design that makes you. This featured image too, and chose a Name. If you want, you can enter the URL and a description. Also, you can add your website, twitch, Instagram, and so on.

What Are Royalties And How To Make Endless Money From NFT?

And here, please focus very well. We have something. Called “Royalties”, It’s a very cool thing in NFTs. You can see there on “realities collection when a user resells an item you originally created”


See what happens if you set a percentage fee like 2.5 per cent. You’ll enter the wallet address.

set a percentage

Now whilst a person buys the NFT, you may get a fee. Then if that man or woman who offered the NFT sells it again, you may get a fee. So, you may nevertheless get charged even as buying and sell this NFT on this set. Do you notice how superb this is? It is one of the maximum essential benefits of keeping NFTS. Then you need to select the Blockchain.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a network. The Blockchain operates all these cryptocurrencies and NFTs. And everything is on the Blockchain. Blockchain has different Types, Like the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain. Now polygon has no gas fee, so you don’t want to pay something while listing your items. But the hassle with polygon is primary isn’t always as lively as Ethereum. We do not have as many users operating on it as Ethereum. The 2d cause is that polygon contains a restrained variety of coins. If a person desires to buy something from you, they’ll want that particular currency. So, it’s far restrained in currencies.

Which Blockchain Do You Select?

You can select polygon if you want to try gas for free. Or you can select Ethereum if you want. Also, We have a lot of currencies that you can see. You can select a currency from here.

NFT currency

When selecting a polygon, you can see we have a limited number of coins or tokens that you can buy.

coins or tokens

If you selected Ethereum now, we have a lot of coins or tokens. And if you want, you can add a lot of currencies.

Anyway, the last thing to create your NFT on opensea is to select the display theme, and I’ll leave it boxes and hit create. The collection has been created.

How To Create Our First NFT On Opensea?

create our first NFT on opensea

Go to Create Select NFT. Item name, you can add an external link if you want more. More descriptions or your website or whatever. Add a description here for the item.


Here we have some characteristics like if you have a collectible list. Let’s say this has a yellow color.


So you can create another monkey NFT which is a pink monkey. And add it in pink. For this item, you can add properties. Also, You can add unlockable content, such as adding a link or an access token—anything special, Maybe a signature.

Then you can add the Supply.

add the Supply

How Do I Sell NFT And How To Make Money From NFT?

Click to sell. It’s that simple. You can add a fixed price or Time auction.

fixed price or Time auction

If you select the timed auction, you have to choose a starting price and a duration. When you complete the listing.

Metamask confirm note for nft

Metamask will open automatically, so you have to confirm this.

Important Tips

When you create your first group and the first item in your account for the first time. If you are not in the Polygon network, you will be asked for a gas fee. So, you have to pay for this.

I hope you understand the concept of how can buy, sell or create NFTs on Opensea. Same idea and same concept in the or rarible too. Sign up and test if you want. So, we finished the second part of creating or buying and selling NFTs.

The Reason To Create And Make Money With NFT

The 1st Reason To Create And Make Money With NFT

When you create NFT, it will be saved in the Blockchain. We said that Blockchain is primary in protecting and verifying ownership of NFTs. So the primary is defensive your property, your innovative property.

The 2nd Reason To Create And Make Money With NFT

It is easy and affordable. As you can see now, we created NFT, published it, and listed it for sale in a matter of minutes.

The 3rd Reason To Create And Make Money With NFT

If you follow today’s news, you can see many people are selling their NFTs for millions of dollars. They buy at a low price and sell at a high price.

The 4th Reason To Create And Make Money With NFT

When you create a collection, you have “Royalties”, as I mentioned before. So in case you specify right here any percent of the belongings rate, you may constantly get a percent rate at the same time as those tokens are traded, purchased, and sold. Anything that takes place together along with your tokens together along with your NFTs gets you a percentage rate. Therefore, it’s far a supply of wonderful earnings for life great.

How To Invest In NFT And How To Make Money From NFT?

You can simply buy NFTs for investment. But you have to good market resource idea for that. You have to buy a low price NFT and wet for trend. When your NFT is in trend. You can sell it at a much higher price.

Very Important Tips About How To Make Money With NFT

Metamask It’s a wallet that contains your coins. And your NFTs are attached to this wallet. How safe is this? metamask is considered a fairly secure wallet. The Blockchain is secure. But what if someone hacked your computer. He got your private key. You will lose all your coins and all your NFTs. So when it comes to crypto wallets, we have two basic types of Online digital wallets connected to your computer. Like metamask or Trust Wallet on your phone, Or we have something called physical wallets.

When you put your coins in it, If you are offline, no one will be able to do anything. He is offline. Even if your computer is hacked, no one will be able to access your tokens or coins, so if you buy some coins for long-term investments or some of the NFTs for long-term investments. And you could have enough money for a physical wallet. So it’s no longer that crucial for now, but I suggest you if you want, buy a wallet.

I hope you enjoyed this Blog. Please, if you have any questions, the comments section below is for you.

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