Reedsy Discovery – Make 100% Easy Money By Writing Book Reviews
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Reedsy Discovery – Make 100% Easy Money By Writing Book Reviews


Welcome to Reedsy Discovery, an online platform dedicated to helping readers discover new books and allowing passionate reviewers to share their insights. Whether you’re an avid book lover or aspiring reviewer, Reedsy Discovery offers an engaging community where you can dive into the world of literature and contribute your unique perspective. With the chance to earn through book reviews and receive unreleased copies of books, Reedsy Discovery presents an exciting opportunity for those who appreciate the written word. Join us on this journey of literary exploration, and let’s uncover the next captivating story together.”

What is Reedsy Discovery?

Reedsy Discovery is a website designed to assist individuals in discovering new books to read. One of its features includes allowing book reviewers to earn money by reading books and composing reviews.

What is Reedsy Discovery?

While it is true that reviewers can earn from writing book reviews on the platform, the mere presence of this earning potential only sometimes guarantees that the site is worthwhile or the right opportunity for everyone. To determine if it aligns with your interests and goals, it is essential to comprehend how the platform operates. By examining the earning opportunity it presents, you can better understand the time and effort required to generate income from it.

How to make money from Reedsy Discovery Writing book reviews.

Before delving into how this opportunity functions, it’s important to clarify that there is no guarantee of earning money from every book review you write.

How to make money from Reedsy Discovery Writing book reviews.

Reedsy Discovery operates on a tipping system for reviewers. When a member of the platform appreciates your review, they have the option to leave a tip as a gesture of gratitude.

The tipping amount is at the member’s discretion, so the potential earnings from a book review are not predetermined. It is crucial to remember that writing a good and honest review is essential to have a chance at earning.

Regarding the types of book reviews, you have two options available. As depicted in the provided image, you can write a traditional review or create a video review of the book. The key factor to consider is selecting the option that you feel most comfortable with.

To initiate the review process, log in to the member dashboard and select a book you wish to review. Once you’ve chosen a book, the site will provide a copy in PDF, EPUB, or MOBI format. These formats are compatible with mobile devices, allowing you to read the book without being tethered to a computer.

It is important to submit your review before the publisher’s indicated deadline. Failure to do so will result in non-compensation for the review, which will be further discussed in the next section. Review deadlines are specific to each book and are typically set by the author or publisher. Generally, you will be given at least one month to submit your review.

If you opt for a video review, you must publish the video on YouTube and share the link with Reedsy Discovery. For written reviews, they must be at least 300 words in length. Reviews that fall short of the minimum word count are unlikely to be accepted and published by the author.

Once your book review is accepted, it will appear in the reviews section of the respective book’s page on Reedsy Discovery for others to read or watch. This is generally how the process works.

Remember that this opportunity can be time-consuming as reading a book requires a significant investment of time. If you are determined to join this site, allocating dedicated time to read the books you need to review is crucial.

How do you get paid?

As mentioned, it’s important to note that there is no guaranteed monetary compensation for every book review you write on Reedsy Discovery. However, you will receive a free copy of unreleased books as a reviewer.

If you receive tips from Reedsy members, you can withdraw those earnings through Stripe. No specific threshold needs to be reached before you can withdraw your earnings, and you have the flexibility to do so at any time you desire.

To facilitate the withdrawal process, you must link your Stripe account with Reedsy Discovery. By doing so, you can transfer your earnings to your bank account directly. Overall, the payment system of Reedsy Discovery is relatively straightforward, and including a convenient payment method is a positive aspect.

If you are interested in discovering more websites that offer convenient payment methods, explore the top sites that facilitate direct bank transfers. These platforms may provide additional opportunities for earning and convenient payment options.

How to join Reedsy Discovery?

To join Reedsy Discovery as a reviewer, you must go through an application process. While the site does not specify the countries it is available in, individuals from any location can apply. However, meeting the qualification criteria is important.

During the application, you must link to the platform where you intend to publish your book reviews. This could be a blog or a YouTube channel. It’s worth noting that your blog or channel can have a small audience or thousands of followers for Reedsy Discovery to consider you as a reviewer.

What Reedsy Discovery is looking for in a reviewer is an active interest in reviewing books. They are likely only to accept someone seeking to earn money through book reviews. Demonstrating a genuine passion for books is crucial, as the site’s primary objective is to help readers discover new books.

How to join Reedsy Discovery?

To join Reedsy Discovery, you can either fill out the sign-up form on their website or use your existing Facebook or Google account. You must be at least 18 years old to apply. You will be asked to provide the link to your blog, website, or YouTube channel during the application.

After submitting your application, you must wait for Reedsy Discovery’s response. It may take several days or weeks to hear back from them, so patience is key. If your application is accepted, you can begin reviewing books on the platform.

To withdraw the tips you receive from your book reviews, you must have a Stripe account and link it with Reedsy Discovery. This will allow you to transfer your earnings directly to your bank account.


  1. Is Reedsy Discovery available worldwide?

    While the site does not explicitly mention specific countries, reviewers can apply regardless of their location. However, confirming with Reedsy Discovery for any specific restrictions is recommended.

  2. How long does it take to hear back from Reedsy Discovery after applying?

    The response time can vary, but it typically takes a few days to a few weeks to receive a reply from Reedsy Discovery regarding your application.

  3. Can I start reviewing books immediately after my application is accepted?

    Once your application is accepted, you can begin reviewing books on Reedsy Discovery.

  4. Is there a minimum threshold for withdrawing earnings?

    No, you need to reach no specific minimum amount before you can withdraw your earnings. You can withdraw your tips anytime you want.

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