Reward XP Reviews 4 Best Ways To Earn Money

Reward XP Reviews | 4 Best Ways To Earn Money


GPT sites are an exciting way of earning money online. On these GPT sites, there are many opportunities, such as playing games, doing random tasks, and watching videos.

Today I am getting you another GPT site, Reward XP, which pays you for playing games and doing different microtasks.

What is Reward XP?

Reward XP is a popular Get Paid To site that pays its user for doing some easy random tasks. Such tasks include playing games, watching videos, signing up for emails, etc.

However, the site primarily focuses on playing games, so if you are a gamer, this site is for you.

Besides playing games, there are also tons of different tasks, so you can earn reasonably from the site even if you are not a gamer.

You have to follow instructions to complete the tasks, and once you meet them, you will be rewarded.

How can you earn from Reward XP?

There are lots of tasks available on the Reward XP site. However, they mostly pay you if you play the game or win the gaming tournament.

Let’s take a look at some tasks that are available on the site.

1. Make money by Completing Online Survey at Reward XP.

Like most GPTs, doing the survey is the best earning option and cannot be ignored.

The 3rd party survey router is as below:

Dynata lets you to make 7,500 XP (USD 0.75) for every survey you finish, but you are limited to 10 bits per day.

Yuno Surveys and CPX Research allow you to earn different amounts depending on the survey size.

Your Surveys offer you a lofty payout of USD 1 for every survey you complete, but it is just unlocked when you get 100,000 XP (Bronze Level)

RXP Surveys are only available when you get 250,000 XP (Silver Level)

2. Make money by Offerwalls at Reward XP.

RewardXP also has an offer unit, including AdGem, AdGate Rewards, Adscend Media, and OfferToro. They will reward you when you complete of any of the online jobs:

  • Surveys and take quizzes
  • Paid and Free offers
  • Mobile game and app trial
  • Shopping
  • Downloading apps

It is important to obey the instructions closely because you might not get delivered if one of your actions is wrong.

3. Make money by Watch Video at Reward XP.

Also, you can earn rewards simply by watching videos on access all the videos you can watch, click the Earn link on the left side of the dashboard and click the Videos tab.

The videos you will be watching will be from or Loot TV. You will be diverted to a different window when you click the link. Make sure you disable your ad-blocker to display the content correctly.

Usually, you have to watch ads before, during, and after the videos to earn.

You will have to sign up for the two video platforms separately and then connect them to your Reward XP to get your rewards. So you must create an account on the video platform you want to use before starting to watch videos.

In theory, you can find unlimited videos to watch here. However, how many ads there will be available will depend on the country you live in, and you will only earn when you watch videos that also have ads.

One thing to note is that the rewards you will get from when you go through Reward XP are slightly higher than other sites that offer the same thing.

That’s a fine thing, in my view, but the videos are still not necessarily a very effective way to earn compared to the other methods the site offers. It is if you sit and watch the videos and ads yourself.

But you can have them running while you are doing something else, and that way, you potentially earn passively. I have heard people – mainly in Europe and the US – making $20-50 from running Hideout on three devices 24/7.

It, of course, takes a unique setup and effort, but to show you what is necessary if you want to earn by using the video option.

4. Make money through Referral Program at Reward XP.

You can make 5% of your referral earnings when they use your affiliate link to sign up. In addition, the person who signed up with your link will also enjoy a great starting bonus of 5000 XP (USD 0.50). You can access your referral URL via your profile page.

They also have a leveling system that allows you to unlock more perks and benefits as you progress by completing offers.

Reward XP Minimum Payout and Payment Method

There are several amounts of Payment Procedures available on the site. Some are PayPal, Steam, Bitcoin,  Roblox, Amazon Gift Cards, etc.

The minimum payout for each procedure is $5, which is comparable to 50,000 points that the site delivers initially, and after you can transform it into cash.

Each payment strategy needs different matters to unlock the earnings and withdraw them.

If you are finding for a great site to make money by playing and testing games such as RewardXP, check our review of Playtest Cloud.


RewardXP is a legit platform that will allow you to make a little extra money from home or on the go.

I like the vast preference for payment options and the low payout threshold. It means that you don’t need to wait for ages to cash out.

RewardXP offers a reasonable pay rate compared to other GPT sites, but the referral schedule falls short.

Another downside is that you can access your surveys and RXP Surveys once you become a bronze and silver member, respectively.


  1. Is RewardXP Legit? Does It Pay?

    Yes, it is! Rest guaranteed, RewardXP is a legitimate and safe website. There are many positive reviews on the internet, and everyone seems to get paid with no issues.

  2. Can you use it on mobile?

    They mention on their help page that no mobile app for iOS or Android is now available for download.
    But, you will be able to access Bonus XP using mobile devices.

  3. How Do I Earn XP?

     Complete offers, Fill out surveys and check out new products. Watch videos – everything from entertainment, gaming, cooking, news, and more.

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