TimeBucks Review 6 Easy Ways to make money on TimeBucks
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TimeBucks Review | 6 Easy Ways to make money on TimeBucks


Timebucks is a reward site that pays you real cash and free Bitcoin for doing different tasks online. Take surveys, watch videos, click ads, post on social media, play games, install free apps, surf the web, and more!

What is TimeBucks?

TimeBucks is an online prize portal where you can make money in several ways. We also known it as a GPT (get-paid to) site. It is entirely free to join and use, as are all legit GPT sites.

How to make money on TimeBucks?

But let’s go over what options the site offers one by one so you can visit if it will be worth it for you or not:

Make money by Paid surveys

TimeBucks offers quite a good portion of paid surveys. You can take surveys through several providers while logging in and earning into your TimeBucks account.

It presented most of the surveys through survey routers or offers walls. The great item about this is that you can see a lot of surveys in most nations. The weaknesses are that it periodically takes toleration to find the surveys you qualify for. The survey options are pretty good on TimeBucks.

Make money by Watch videos

TimeBucks offers a rare additional method to make money by watching videos in the video area.

One of them is the exact as most other GPT sites, where you have to watch three videos + ads on a specific topic. And they also have different videos where you will get paid when you have seen a certain number of seconds.

You can discover these videos but moving to the “content” tab in the earning division and then scrolling down and finding the “video” tab.

It is an effortless method to make different. But the prizes for this option are light, so it’s not an option to used to increase your profits, but it’s nice to make a bit if it is a video you would like to watch, anyway.

Also, I like that the conditions for each video and what it takes are obvious on TimeBucks. This makes it comfortable for you to visit right out if it will be worth your time or not.

Besides these video opportunities, you can also make money by watching YouTube videos. You can see this alternative by going to the “Engage” tab.

You will then guide to sign up for a third-party site where you can make money by watching YouTube videos.

It brings a few minutes to set up, but there are good guides that present exactly how it performs, and once it has been set up, you get paid exceptionally well per video you watch reached to most different methods to make money by watching videos.

Make money by Offerwalls

There is an offerwall section with a key to several suggestions. This can, for instance, be to get produced to download apps, to sign up for a website, to test a development for free, and so forth

Some of these offers have excellent rewards. They also showed most of them via other survey sites like PrizeRebel or ySense, so if you like using one of these sites, you can likely find the suggestions there.

Make money by Content options

The content tab inside Timebucks gives entry to several methods to make money.

 you can find eight various methods to earn just in this section.

You can, for example, make money by clicking small ads and visiting a website for a specific number of moments. It can actually be to like TimeBucks Facebook page and more.

Make money by Micro-tasks

Timbucks has a section called “Tasks.”

Here you can get paid for different tasks like watching YouTube videos,visiting certain websites, downloading apps following people on social media, and so forth

The tasks usually do not bear, but not all of them offer good deal to your time.

Other Timebucks members create these tasks as not everyone offers fair pay for their time. So choose these tasks wisely.

You can always decide which tasks you like to do and see the conditions and pay before you start. And if you select wisely, it can be an easy way to make extra money.

Make money by Invite people to join

You can invite other someones to join TimeBucks and get commission for this.

You will get delivered in 5 levels. That suggests that you will also get commissions for the people that your referred people refer. Not a lofty commission, but a little is also adorable.

Make money by Solve captchas

We are solving a captcha that used to be an earning option on Timebucks.

You had to solve some small data tasks. For example, have to observe which part of the picture you might jump through.

How much money can you make money on time bucks?

How much money you can earn depends on several things. First, how much time will you pay on TimeBucks, and how many opportunities do you wish to use? It will also turn on where in the globe you live.

Some countries will have better surveys and separator offers than others. But because there is a vast variety of ways to make money, and many do not rely on your place, everyone can earn some extra money.

How do you sign up?

It is straightforward to sign up. Just go to TimeBuck’s website, where you can sign up. It brings a few moments to sign up.

You have to plug in your email and a password, and you will then receive an email you have to verify. You can also select to sign up with your Facebook account.


  1. How do I check my Earnings?

    Log in with your email and password in the top right corner of the homepage. You will be turned to your dashboard, where you can check your live stats.

  2. How often do I get paid?

    It pay every Thursday. They completed payments at 11:59:59 PM Tuesday New York time for everything you have earned before that. They will contain nothing you made on Wednesday in that week’s invoice. If you were just under, your revenue would roll into next week’s invoice instead.

  3. Do you guys pay with PayPal?

    Not instantly, but you can accept payments into your PayPal if you prefer to be paid with AirTM, then withdraw with PayPal on the AirTM platform.

  4. What kind of offers do you have for me to complete?

    It will offer you Watch Videos, Install Free Apps, Follow people on Instagram, Complete Surveys, VotePolls, Referrals, and more!

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