Roaster Earn – Earn By playing games and watching videos with 2 Easy Tasks
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Roaster Earn – Earn By playing games & watching videos with 2 Easy Tasks


Do you want to earn gift cards and make money while playing games or doing easy work as you do every day? Roaster Earn is a money-making app where you can win gift cards and rewards entirely FREE.

What is Roaster Earn?

Roaster Earn is an Android app that pays you for completing simple tasks from your mobile.

This free platform has teamed up with multiple advertisers, so you can reach credits by answering surveys, completing offers, and watching videos. Some well-known Offer Walls available have Adgate Media and Adgemand Offertory.

Once you’ve made enough credits, you can cash out via PayPal or use them for appropriate gift cards.

Reward apps like Roaster Earn have become increasingly popular in recent years as they provide a convenient way to earn extra cash.

Roaster Earn Installation and Registration.

Roaster Earn is available on the Play Store for any Android gadget.

Roaster Earn Installation and Registration.

The first step after installing the app is to sign up with a Google account.

It may be a better thrilling action, but reviewing the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy is important.

The reason is that these documents provide virtual information about the rules and your rights as a user.

1. Make money by Gamezop & Quizzop from Roaster Earn.

Once you install the platform, the first opportunity you will notice is the Gamezop and Quizzop.

This tab presents HTML5-based mobile games: action, arcade, sports, strategy, adventure, and more.

1. Make money by Gamezop & Quizzop from Roaster Earn.1. Make money by Gamezop & Quizzop from Roaster Earn.

Once you open Gamezop or Quizzop, a 300 seconds timer will start operating in the background.

After getting zero, you will acquire 15 credits into your balance. VIP members reach 30 credits.

Remember that credits are only awarded if you stay active in the game for the entire time.

2. Make money by Offer Walls From Roaster Earn.

Roaster Earn features 7 Offer Gays where you can earn credits for completing offers, taking surveys, and watching videos. Here is the complete list:

2. Make money by Offer Walls From Roaster Earn.

Before completing an offer, carefully read the description furnished by the advertiser. This will give you a more reasonable idea of what you must do to make my ass.

Some offers may require downloading an app and purchasing or subscribing to a service.

If you select to complete these paid offers, consistently check the terms and requirements to avoid any unpleasant wonders.

Focus on free offers, such as games that request you to get a certain level or apps that only demand a quick registration.

Many people like to stick with surveys, as they can supply the highest recovery in the long term reached to free offers.

When completing surveys, you will save time with disqualifications. However, it’s essential to answer questions truthfully to avoid a negative impact on your Account.

3. Make money by watching videos From Roaster Earn.

This section lets you watch videos from different networks to earn ten credits each. As a VIP Fellow, you will reach 20 credits.

3. Make money by watching videos From Roaster Earn.

You can watch videos from three companies: Applovin, Unity, and Vungle. In the affairs tab, you can see many movements you can partake in.

Each one is amazing with its custom set of rules and conditions. For example, you can share your thoughts about Roaster Earn on Trustpilot and win 500 credits.

More credit pool opportunities exist, such as playing a scratch card game, spinning wheel, etc.

4. Make money by Referral program From Roaster Earn.

The next option is Roast Earn’s referral method, which lets you invite friends and make credits in return.

You must share your special referral code to gain credits for per person you invite. Unlike most rewards apps, Roast Earn doesn’t award a percentage of your referral earnings. Instead, you will earn a onetime commission of 500 credits when your friend installs the app and produces an account.

In return, your friend will get 300 credits for entering the code. Have you seen 500 credits worth 1 cent? Is it worth annoying your friend to make a single penny?

Roaster Earn Payment option.

The app allows users to cash out via PayPal for as little as $0.20 and up to $20.

Roaster Earn Payment option.

You will also have access to great gift cards that cater to your every requirement and claim.

That has popular brands like Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, Playstation, eBay, Walmart, Uber Eats, Sephora, and more.

It gives enormous bonuses to active and loyal players. Upgrade your Account to earn extra payments per each completed PayPal card. Improve your Pointsback Percentage to earn credits back when redeeming rewards. Reach the top of the Leaderboard for different benefits and much more.

Remember that you may only be allowed to withdraw one monthly gift card!


  1. Is Roaster Earn Legit?

    Yes, Roast Earn is a legitimate application.

  2. What is the minimum threshold to cash out?

    You must make at least $20 to request a cash out via PayPal.

  3. How Much Are Credits Worth?

    Roaster Earn rewards its users with credits for finishing different tasks within the app. One thousand credits are equal to $0.025.

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