Clawee Game Review – Earn By Playing Game Is 100% Easy & Legit

Clawee Game Review – Earn By Playing Game Is 100% Easy & Legit


Do you remember those clawee games you played in the arcade as a kid? Well, a mobile app claims you can do the same thing, but just from your phone. This app is called Clawee Game, and it claims you’ll be able to win fabulous prizes for playing the game.

What is Clawee Game?

As mentioned above, Clawee Game is a mobile app version of the claw game you usually find in arcades or malls. It is legit because you can win prizes by playing the game.

How to join the Clawee game?

To register, you first have to install the app. Then, you can sign up using your Google or Facebook account. You can also furnish your login details.

How to join the Clawee game?

Then, once you are accomplished with the registration process, you can log in to the app and start playing. You’ll gain bonus coins for joining. This is the only freebie you will ever earn from Clawee Game, allowing you to play one game for free.

Make money by Clawee game.

You might expect this game to be a digital version of the claw machine you usually see in arcades or malls. But in reality, what you will do is like playing the claw game remotely.

Make money by Clawee game.

You will trade with an actual claw machine game. The difference is that you will keep it remotely using the app.

Log in to the game and choose your desired machine to play. It will list the devices according to the prize you can win, and each machine will cost a certain number of coins to play. You have to stay in line if other partners are playing the same game.

When this occurs, you’ll be informed when it is your turn. Then, once it’s your turn, you must press the play button to start the game. You’ll have to keep the arrow button to progress the claw from one side to the other. If you want the claw to stop, you must remove the button. Then the claw will decline and try to capture the prize.

If the claw works to capture the prize, it will drop it in the declaration area, and all you have to do is press the claim button to get the prize.

Now, this is what the app will wait to tell you. Your first game will be free because you will receive 200 free coins you can use to pay for your first game. But, once you’ve used your free coins, you must buy coins from their store to play more clawee games.

You’ll have to pay some money to buy coins. The currency stated in the Clawee Game store will be your country’s currency.

While it is entertaining because you can win prizes, it will cost you funds to keep playing. Plus, there are other costs you need to consider.

Most prizes you can win from Clawee are plushies, keychains, and school supplies. You won’t earn any money, though, so if that’s what you are looking for, then you will be disappointed.

How do you get paid from Clawee?

All you can win from this game are a lot of accessories. You won’t make any money. Once you’ve won a reward, you can ask Clawee to ship it to your address. Keep in mind that the shipping is not free. You’ll have to pay for it. That’s why it would be soundest only to do this when you’ve won several rewards since it will be more cost-efficient, shipping-wise.

Make money by Clawee game.

As I’ve mentioned, there are hidden expenses you need to consider when claiming the prizes you’ve won. Clawee is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. So, your rewards will be sent from Israel to your country.

It would be best if you considered the package would go through customs, and when that happens, there will sometimes be a fee to claim your package, depending on the country you live in.

So, aside from the shipping price you will spend, you might have to deal with customs fees which will raise the costs to bring the relatively cheap prizes you’ve won.


  1. Is Clawee a legit app?

    Clawee is a legit app allowing you to win prizes by playing their claw game.

  2. Can you use it on a desktop?

    Clawee is a mobile-only platform, so you must use a mobile device to play it.

  3. Who can join Clawee?

    Clawee is available more or less worldwide, so you can download and play the game wherever you are.

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Cash Giraffe App – Earn By Playing Mobile Games 100% Easy & Legit

Cash Giraffe App – Earn By Playing Mobile Games 100% Easy & Legit

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