The Hiving Review – 6 Easy Ways To Make Money From Your Home
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The Hiving Review – 6 Easy Ways To Make Money From Your Home


Hi everyone!!! Hope you all are doing well. Today we are going to investigate Hiving Surveys, one of the best online survey sites. So as long as you are 15 years or older, you can make some side money by participating in surveys, testing free products, completing various micro-tasks, exploring quizzes, or referring your friends.

What is Hiving?

Hiving is an online survey website that lets you make money online when bored. Hiving was established in 2009 and based in France. And specializes in market analysis and consumer feedback. They have developed to have a presence since their humble starts in Paris. Hiving Surveys are available in more than 50 countries.

The only conditions to joining the community are that you are over 15 years old, get their terms and conditions, and live in a few official nations.

How to Sign Up with Hiving?

If you are interested in signing up for hiving, it’s rather easy.

How to Sign Up with Hiving?

Just visit the website. You can also sign up with a Facebook account, which is alike to most other websites. If you want to use your email, you will also have to deliver your Postcode and Date of Birth.

How to make money from hiving?

1. Make money by giving paid surveys.

As the name of this review means, Hiving Surveys is a platform that offers paid surveys.

Make money by giving paid surveys.

It indicates you can get paid to share your thought about various matters. You will accept an email when a new survey is available for you. You can see roughly how long the survey will take in the email. Once you click the link in the email invitation, you will get a few pre-screener inquiries. After this, It will turn you to the survey if you qualify. You might have to answer also some of the same pre-screener questions on the survey.

2. Make money by doing Micro Tasks.

Another great way to make money is by doing micro tasks. Hiving added this feature to confirm you don’t miss out on cashing out at least a few dollars for your time.

Make money by doing Micro Tasks.

These tasks are usually very interesting and could require translation or altering images. They will show the number of points made for each task for you to see. Ensure you do as numerous tasks as potential per day because that will improve your chances of earning more offers. However, these tasks are typically very comfortable, so much fun, and require no effort.

3. Make money by Product testing.

In addition to taking online surveys with The Hiving, you can test new and exciting products from home. It means you can test a new product and give feedback on it. Sometimes you get to keep the product, and other times you get paid for accomplishing the test instead.

This option is not available in all countries and is just once in a while. But if you are offered this, it can be a great way to earn a little extra or get a new product for free while also getting to test a new product.

4. Make money by Hiving Affiliate Program.

If you have a big social media influence, blog, or website, having also has an affiliate program where you can earn money. It is another system where it will provide you with affiliate links that have to be clicked by your site visitors. You are also provided with an affiliate dashboard to monitor your affiliates’ actions.

The affiliate program pays $1 per lead, depending on your country of residence.

5. Make money by Lottery.

Once in a while, Hiving Surveys runs lotteries where you can win big cash prizes. These will be informed on their blog and the website in the members’ area. You can win some great prizes by participating, but you can also not get anything out of the points you earned and invested into this.

6. Make money by referring a Friend!

You can also make money by asking your friends to hiving. Each time a member you invited to join completes a survey, you will get a percentage of the points given to that survey without decreasing the number of points they receive. There is no limit to the number of people you can invite.

How Do You Get Paid?

Once you earn 4000 credited points, you can request a payment via PayPal. Three payment options are available: redeeming via PayPal, requesting an Amazon e-voucher, or donating points to charitable causes!


  1. Is Hiving Legit?

    Hiving is a legit site that lets you make money by taking surveys and completing other microtasks.

  2. How Much are Hiving Points Worth?

    While 1000 points equal $1, this can be a bit different depending on your country and the currency your account is in.

  3. Is Hiving free?

    Hiving is free to sign up and start using.

  4. How to download Hiving mobile app?

    Hiving does not have a mobile app.

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