What Is You Cubez earnings How Does It Work Is You-Cubez Safe Legit

What Is You Cubez earnings? How Does It Work? Is You-Cubez Safe Legit?


If you’re looking for a light source of income, you might have come across Get-Paid-To (GPT) apps, and it wouldn’t hurt to make a few extra bucks.

You-Cubez is a PTC site that pays users to click ads and complete the offers. Although their earnings amount per click is not that remarkable, if you opt for different tasks along with it, you will be able to earn a decent payday. This website is 100% legit and has an easy user interface.

There are majorly four ways to make money from this website: by watching ads, completing offers to earn cash, you can use You-Cubez as an ad agency to increase traffic on your website, and, last but not least, by referral commissions. Their method of payment is gift cards, cash, and Bitcoin. You-Cubez’s payment rate goes from $2 to $10, and the online forum it is available on is just a website. The additional benefits of it are up to 15% referral commission and using GBP as currency.

And since you like to maximize your earnings, you start looking into the lesser-known yet profitable options like You Cubez.

It puffs on its homepage that users make up to $900 by viewing ads. The short, low-involvement, and lucrative tasks directly may appeal to you, but you ever have your doubts.

What Is You-Cubez?

You Cubez is a Paid-to-Click site that rewards users for easy jobs. You’ll find multiple ways to make money on You Cubez, but most users sign up for paid ads.

What Is You-Cubez.com
You-Cubez.com Home page

Yes, the platform declares you’ll make money just by watching ads. And not only pocket change either—you’ll apparently make up to $900 based on the promotional reviews and landing pages we saw.

We’ll flesh out the site’s earning potential later. However, from the get-go, we want to clarify that you won’t make a grand every month just from GPT and PTC apps.

The ads and aggregated surveys on the site just pay roughly £0.0005 to £0.020 or $0.00063 to $0.025, so manage your anticipations. Also, avoid any blog or review declaring thousands of profits on You-Cubez.

Is You-Cubez Safe Legit?

YES, You Cubez is a legit platform. And you need to understand that You Cubez is not responsible for the contents of proposals sponsored by third-party vendors. From my own experiences, this is familiar with all the PTC sites, and there is nobody to worry about.

How Does It Work?

There are multiple ways you can earn money at You Cubez, which include:

How Does You-Cubez.com Work
  • Viewing sponsored ads
  • Completing surveys
  • Watching videos

But here we’re talking about making money by viewing sponsored ads and Watching Videos.

Make money by Viewing sponsored ads

Viewing ads is the most popular way to earn money on You Cubez. The rules are straightforward: you’ll get £0.0005 or $0.00063 for every website you view for at least 10 seconds.

You’ll have to serve in a captcha code on the first website you view daily. However, the sites and ads you think of afterward will only require you to tick a box confirming you’re not a robot.

We tried this feature ourselves. Although you only have to watch per ad for 10 seconds, you’ll pay a few more moments remaining for pages to load and verify captcha buttons.

We tried opening five sponsored ads at one time to speed up the procedure. It took us about one minute to select the ads, load the pages, submit captcha codes, tick captcha buttons, and close the pages afterward.

Make money by Watching Videos

You-Cubez.com also allows you to make a few cents by watching videos or ads that may last for shorter than a minute.

How Much Does You-Cubez Pay?

The more time you pay on the site, the more money you’ll earn. That is to say, the more you finish offers, surveys, & watch videos, the better your chances to make more money.

The incredible thing is the minimum payout is just £8, which is not a significant amount. Moreover, if you’re a subscribed member on the site, it can go down to £4 & £2.

What Are You-Cubez Membership?

The standard membership is free, which I am using to earn. There are two more additional options (Premium & Premium+) that provide extra benefits like:

  • Less minimum payout
  • Free monthly cubes
  • Bonus cash on all offer walls
  • Several cube bonuses & much more

What Is Minimum Payout?

For you to withdraw your earnings on You Cubez, you must have a minimum of between £2 – £8.

  • Premium+ member’s minimum payout is £2
  • Premium member’s minimum payout is £4
  • Standard member’s minimum payout is £8

What payment method does You-Cubez use?

You-Cubez USD GBP (UK) currency so you can earn without your payments via PayPal, bitcoin, or bank account.

The most fantastic thing about You Cubez is that you can join from any country, so no VPN is needed. It’s a worldwide platform.

How Does You-Cubez Pay?

The minimum cash-out amount with a free account is £8. You can lower this by paying for the premium memberships, but it’s not worth it when you’re earning pennies!

Once you get the cashout amount and ask for a payment, it takes 14 days before payment is approved and comes into your account.

Also, a 5% processing fee is taken out of your earnings when you cash out!

Signing Up for An Account on You-Cubez

Signing Up for An Account on You-Cubez.com

Step 1: go to You-Cubez and hit the Sign-Up Now button.

Step 2: Fill in the personal information, your name, email, password, and birthdate to complete your account.

Step 3: Confirm your email address. Please skip the ads and promos about the premium account for now.

Step 4: Complete your demographic profile to open more earning possibilities.


  1. Is You-Cubez.com free?

    You-Cubez.com is free to use and sign up for.

  2. How to download You-Cubez.com mobile app?

    you-Cubez.com doesn’t have its dedicated mobile app you can download. You can still complete surveys and take additional offers with your mobile browser.

  3. Where is You-Cubez.com available?

    You-Cubez.com is available globally.

  4. Is You-Cubez.com a scam?

    You-Cubez.com is a legitimate website that pays you for taking offers.

  5. Is your information safe with You-Cubez.com?

    You-Cubez.com doesn’t transfer your details with third parties unless you approve or are required by law. Your data can therefore be considered safe.

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