What is Big Eyes Coin Big Eyes Crypto Price Prediction

What is Big Eyes Coin? | Big Eyes Crypto Price Prediction


The Big Eyes Crypto Coin is a meme coin and aims to be the most helpful meme token currently available on the cryptocurrency market. 90% of the BIG Tokens will be made available by Big Eyes Coin at launch. Interested users can purchase the BIG tokens to join the Big Eyes Coin community as important contributors. With many ambitious ambitions for development, it hopes to be the most well-known and influential cryptocurrency community.

Origin Of Big Eyes

Big Eyes will be a goal-driven, long-term meme-inspired crypto project. It has all it requires to succeed, developing a new way for the next meme coin projects.

Presented by astronauts, Big Eyes desired to travel the world, monetize its cuteness, and use its profits to ensure its destiny. Thus, Big Eyes will make a cryptocurrency for all tribes and cultures around the globe to improve them and secure their future.

The Outstanding Utilities Of The Big Eyes Crypto Project

Big Eyes has some features that create it special among the thousands of tasks in the crypto space. By donating 5 % of its entire tokens to charity, Big Eyes plans to run its crypto task toward delivering answers to life-threatening situations.

The Big Eyes roadmap suggests that it will contribute 1 million dollars to these charitable institutions to solve environmental degradation. Notably, these institutions will champion an action that will help restrain the effect of sea degradation.

Big Eyes Crypto Compared With Cardano And Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a proof-of-work blockchain with super-tight security. However, its procedures were not eco-friendly because they were interested in high power consumption.

To solve this issue, eco-friendly platforms like Cardano reached reality. Cardano performs similarly to Bitcoin but uses a new and improved contract tool to verify transactions and secure its blockchain.

Cardano uses “Ouroboros,” a divergence of proof-of-stake protocols, to validate dealings and add new blocks to its blockchain. It is a smart contract-enabled platform that sustains making decentralized applications and different crypto tasks on its blockchain.

Bitcoin is not smart contract-enabled, but the Big Eyes crypto task will help the functions of smart contracts. This invention will reduce the opening of token management and launching dApps like Big Gapes Swap, Big Eyes NFT, and other applications within the Big Eyes crypto project.

Additionally, because Big Eyes is a meme-themed project, it will accomplish incredible feats with the help of its large crypto community.

The Future of Big Eyes Crypto

Big Eyes plans to develop its crypto community in different phases. Eventually, it will have over 50000 active fellows who will unite to govern the Big Eyes project to new extremes.

The Big Eyes token will shortly be detailed on the Uniswap decentralized trade. Thus, it will make it better available to users on the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, Big Eyes will establish its aboriginal crypto swap platform. This swap platform will have multi-chain integration to enable crypto exchanges across blockchains in the crypto space.

Big Eyes Crypto will convert the crypto space with its next-generation utilities. By purchasing the Big Eyes token presale, you can contribute to this growth and maybe make money for yourself in 2022.

Big Eyes Crypto Price Prediction.

Big Eyes Crypto is a brand-new meme coin produced on the Ethereum blockchain, described as environmentally friendly crypto. It is a new standard of crypto investing when customers buy tokens, knowing that the proceeds partly go to charity and environmental security. The central idea is to make Anime characters in-game, where people who like these adventures enjoy creating and battling with other players. Creators have plans to make comic books, mascots, events, and a special line of NFT coins.

Although they promised they had learned from the previous meme coins, like Dogecoin and ApeCoin, they have not quite improved them. More likely, they have improved only provenly good sides of them. They will create a broader ecosystem, ranging from the DeFi system to NFT currency.

If you invest in this coin, even 10% goes to charity and owners. For example, they have planned to give 5% of this part to ocean marine life. It makes the model transparent, although the final spent is not quite visible. The story about environmental protection has attracted a group of interested people, and tokens have raised more than $50 million in sales.

Unfortunately, the initial spirit splashed after the first enthusiasm. The currency’s value drops by 1.25% daily, ranking #6435 on respectable lists. The idea of protecting the environment does not feed the value and wide interest for the currency, and the Big Eyes Crypto draws only special types of public. Even now, experts have not dared to predict the price of the tokens in years to come.


Big Eyes will be better than a meme coin; it vows features within its single ecosystem like no different crypto project. Buy its token presale to appreciate its advantages.


  1. What are Big Eyes trying to achieve?

    Big Eyes Coin wants to get wealth and assets to its cute community. The team behind Big Eyes has greatly emphasized the value of its community and is frequently rewarding its loyal cute-minded followers with crypto giveaways and competitions.
    They have set up a 5% charity wallet to help ocean sanctuaries and have already given away $1000 to the Children’s charity—ACT International.

  2. When will I get my Big Eyes Coins?

    Once Big Eyes has launched following the end of its presale, you can claim your tokens from the website, redeeming them straight to your wallet. While the coin is always in presale, you can check how many coins are registered to your wallet on the wallet secure portal.

  3. What are the Big Eyes Coin total supply?

    200,000,000,000. Tons of tokens to go approximately, so get your pointers on some now with the button below!

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