ClixBlue Review 5 Ways to Earn Money Online

ClixBlue Review | 5 Ways to Earn Money Online


Do you want to make money from ClixBlue? Or do you want to know if ClixBlue is a scam or a legit potential to make money?

First, I like to salute you for your due persistence, which, for sure, is the Best Route To Avoid Scams Online and keep your hard-earned money.

Let me help you discover the truth about ClixBlue and guide you in the right direction to make money online.

What is ClixBlue?

ClixBlue is a PTC site where you can make real money in several ways. The primary method is to click ads, watch for a long time, and earn money.

However, the money made from watching ads is meager. I’m talking about $0.001 per ad. So if you watch ten ads, that’s 1 cent earned.

Now, that would be a decent earner IF you could watch an infinite number of daily ads, but it limited the ads to the person.

Another way of making money is by watching videos.

The upside is that there’s a lot you can watch, but you’ll earn less than watching ads.

Therefore, watching videos for pennies is a complete waste of time and effort in the long run.

How to Make Money With ClixBlue?

ClixBlue is a PTC site that offers various opportunities to make some extra bucks from paid offers and clicking ads.

You will find many other possibilities on ClixBlue to make money. It has added some unique ways to help you make money.

Make Money by Paid Offers:

This offer section of ClixBlue includes simple tasks like signing up for a website, playing games, downloading apps, answering quizzes, and so on.

Paid offers are one of the most effortless methods to make money. You must follow the instructions that come with per offer. Sometimes you must watch the video for a few seconds or sign up for a request with your credentials.

Me offers may need you to fill in your financial and credit card details. Such hers good, but you must remember to cancel your subscription before the offer ends. Otherwise, you will finish charging your credit card. So I would suggest bypassing these offers.

Make Money by Paid Surveys:

If you like to attempt surveys, the first thing you want to recognize is that you might not allow for every survey you try.

You may not allow for a survey if your demographic, like country, is not matched with the requirement for the survey. It also regards your gender, age, hobbies, and other things you get set on. So it is essential to fill in the profile surveys honestly.

You will immediately be screened out if you try to fill in the wrong information.

It is necessary to remember that the third party delivers all the surveys on ClixBlue, so when you click on any survey, it will turn you to another website.

To get more additional surveys, fill the profile in as much detail as possible. Your profile is the ground on which you will get all prospective surveys. You must fill in all the details about yourself, your family, your education, hobbies, etc.

Make Money by View Ads:

View ads are one of the favored parts on PTC sites. It’s an entertaining way to make some quick cents. You will not make a significant amount, but if you want to watch an advertisement, it’s a sound option.

Usually, you keep clicking on an ad and wait 10 seconds before closing it.

Though minimal ads per person, it’s a straightforward, immediately paid option. You must click on the ad; it will open in another tab. You might have to solve a captcha to ensure that you have watched the advertisement. You will get paid instantly.

Make Money by Watch Videos:

You can also make a bit of money by watching videos. This earning opportunity is structured because it will redirect you to a particular site (like Hideout. tv) to watch specific videos.

Usually, you will need to watch a minimum number of videos before you receive the reward that promises for that video offer.

There aren’t many details on their site about this earning opportunity, but it is pretty straightforward. Just watch the videos. Once you’ve fulfilled the condition for the video offer, you will receive the reward.

It will then be up to you if you want to continue watching videos or not. But basically, the more videos you watch, the more rewards you will get. That’s how it works.

However, even though this sounds like easy money, be aware that it takes A LOT of video watching to earn real money. So it is not the most effective way to make it even though it can be entertaining.

Make Money by Refer A Friend:

Two-level refer a friend program.

ClixBlue has a referral program where you can share your referral link with your friends and family, and when anyone joins by your association.

ClixBlue also offers you a chance to rent referrals. You can purchase and rent your referrals and boost your earnings possibility.

How Do You Get Paid?

ClixBlue offers you numerous opportunities to withdraw your funds from ClixBlue account.

  • PayPal
  • Payza
  • Bitcoin
  • Payeer

To withdraw money to PayPal, you need 100 points which equals $2 or cash out points 2000. If you are a starter member, you need to earn cash-out points equal to the amount you want to withdraw.

If you want to withdraw $5, you need to earn 5000 cash points, without which you can not start your money.

But if you upgrade your account, you do not need to earn cash out points. ClixBlue has different levels of membership, which gives you some additional perks.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The amount of funds you can make depends on you. The more time you pay on ClixBlue, the more money you make.

The more offers you complete, the more money you can earn. The best thing about ClixBlue is that it provides excellent offers, but the downside is that it pays very little.

Another good thing about ClixBlue is a lower minimum threshold; that way, you can withdraw your money instantly to your account.

Who Can Join ClixBlue?

ClixBlue is available worldwide, and anyone can join it. Anyone under 13 can enter the site, but to withdraw your earnings to PayPal, you require being 18 years old. PayPal has an age limitation of 18 years. Those below 18 years cannot have a PayPal account.


  1. Can you use it on mobile?

    There is no word on their website about a ClixBlue app you can download on your mobile device. So, if you want to access this site on your mobile device, you must do it using a mobile web browser.

  2. How Often Will you Get Paid?

    You will accept your payment within 24 hours of getting your minimum payout.

  3. What is Autoplay?

    Autoplay is a an alternative to automatically set up your referrals, which means you will earn your income passively doing no work.

  4. Is Clixblue a safe way to earn money online?

    There are many PTC Sites, and not all pay up once the jobs are done. However, it seems that Clixblue is not like that.

  5. Can a business, website, or app benefit from Clixblue?

    Yes. When you add your task to Clixblue, they work to get you to exchange on your platform.

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