Cash Master – Earn By Playing 100% Easy Coin Pusher Game

Cash Master – Earn By Playing 100% Easy Coin Pusher Game


Cash Master is the captivating coin pusher game taking the Android gaming world by storm! Step back into the nostalgic days of arcades as you tap your way to virtual fortune. With over 500,000 eager players jumping on board, Cash Master offers a simple yet addictive gameplay experience that keeps you returning for more. Drop coins with a tap, watch them push others off the platform, and see your balance grow.

Exciting features like special chips, scratch cards, fortune wheels, and even slots add to the thrill. And with the promise of free cash through short video ads, the potential for big rewards keeps the excitement alive. Join the Cash Master community and see if you have what it takes to push your way to virtual riches!

What is Cash Master?

Cash Master, the coin pusher game, has become a sensation among Android device users, generating significant buzz in the gaming community. This straightforward game allows players to accumulate virtual dollars by tapping the screen to drop coins. It evokes a nostalgic feeling reminiscent of the classic arcade days.

What is Cash Master?

One intriguing aspect of Cash Master is the claim made by some players that they have encountered an advertisement promising a $500 reward upon completing the second level. While I have yet to come across this specific ad, the consensus among numerous reviewers supports the existence of such an offer. This enticing prospect undoubtedly adds to the excitement and allure of the game.

The popularity of Cash Master is evident, with over 500,000 individuals eagerly jumping on the bandwagon and installing the game in the hopes of cashing out significant sums. To put this number into perspective, it’s akin to the entire population of Tucson, Arizona, engrossed in tapping their screens and contributing to the ad revenue generated by Chivalry Technology Co., the developers of Cash Master.

The widespread appeal of Cash Master and the potential rewards it promises has captivated a substantial audience, making it a trending phenomenon in the world of mobile gaming.

How Does Cash Master Work?

Cash Master is conveniently available for free to Get on the Play Store, and the best part is that you don’t have to go through any registration process to start playing. The developer has explicitly stated that they do not collect user data, ensuring a privacy-conscious experience.

As a welcoming gesture, the game grants you a daily bonus of 10 coins when you launch it for the first time. You’ll notice that Cash Master maintains two balances: one for coins and another for virtual cash. The coin balance is utilized in the coin pusher machine to continue playing.

How to play the Cash Master game.

Playing the game is as simple as tapping the screen. Each tap drops a coin onto the platform, where a swinging dozer moves back and forth. Coins pushed off the edge will bounce back into your balance, contributing to your progress in filling up the top progress bar.

How to play the Cash Master game.

When the progress bar is filled, Cash Master rewards you with a level-up reward and offers an opportunity to watch a short video in exchange for free cash. During gameplay, you may also encounter special chips that activate features like the Wall and Coin Shower, strategically designed to enhance your earnings.

Should you run out of coins, there’s no need to worry. Cash Master offers alternatives to replenish your coin balance. You can play a scratch card or spin the fortune wheel, both of which provide chances to win free coins, albeit by watching a commercial. It’s amusing that while other games have been criticized for excessive advertisements, Cash Master embraces sponsored videos for these particular features.

Furthermore, Cash Master incorporates slots into the gameplay. When coins fall into the moving box, it triggers the slot machine. Matching three symbols on the reels will grant you even more rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.

With its enticing features and various opportunities to accumulate rewards, Cash Master aims to captivate players and provide an engaging and entertaining experience.

How do You Cash Out From Cash Master?

In Cash Master, there is no direct option to withdraw the cash balance you accumulate in the game. When you tap on the cash balance at the top of the screen, instead of finding a “withdraw” button, you are greeted with a message that states, “Free cash – Watch a short video to get free cash.”

How do You Cash Out From Cash Master?

To acquire the free cash, there is a button with a cash icon labelled “4.” However, what exactly the “4” represents is unclear—whether it signifies dollars or some other form of currency. There is no currency sign or explicit indication provided.

If you choose to press the button, you must endure watching an advertisement to collect the stated “4 cash units.” Watching the video is how you can obtain free cash within the game.

While the specifics and clarity regarding the nature of the cash units may be lacking, the process involves engaging with sponsored content to acquire the in-game currency.


  1. Is Cash Master available for free?

    Cash Master can be downloaded and installed for free from the Play Store.

  2. Do I need to register to play Cash Master?

    No registration process is required to start playing Cash Master. You can download the game and begin playing.

  3. How do I earn coins in Cash Master?

    In Cash Master, you earn coins by tapping the screen to drop them onto the platform in the coin pusher machine.

  4. How can I obtain free cash in Cash Master?

    To obtain free cash, watch a short video. By tapping on the cash balance, you will be given the option to watch an advertisement in exchange for free cash units.

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