Earn By Playing Fruits Goal 100% Joyful Android Game

Earn By Playing Fruits Goal 100% Joyful Android Game


Embark on an enticing adventure into the world of “Fruits Goal,” an Android game that combines simple mechanics with the allure of virtual rewards. As you guide fruits to collide and merge, watch them grow and your in-game cash balance soar. But beware of the twists and turns – the path to claiming your earnings might not be as straightforward. Join us as we delve into the captivating realm of “Fruits Goal” and uncover the intriguing dynamics that await.

What is Fruits Goal?

“Fruits Goal,” an enticing and captivating Android game, offers players an engaging experience centred around dropping and merging fruits. As you skillfully match these fruits, not only do they visually expand, but you also accrue virtual earnings within the game.

The concept is a boon for those facing financial challenges and seeking swift solutions. The prospect of swiftly accumulating in-game cash holds great appeal.

Yet, the sustainability of this intriguing game model hinges on a ubiquitous force: advertisements. Anticipate encountering these promotional clips regularly, as they catalyze the rewards you amass during gameplay.

What is Fruits Goal?

However, a crucial aspect warrants consideration. “Fruits Goal” currently resides in the “Early Access” phase on the Play Store. This bears noteworthy implications for potential players. Namely, the app still needs to be opened for user reviews and feedback.

This decision presents a conspicuous cautionary signal. If the gameplay genuinely lives up to its promise of gratifying rewards, why the hesitance to permit players to share their affirmative encounters openly? The absence of player reviews in this preliminary stage raises inquiries about the game’s performance and leaves room for scepticism.

How Does Fruits Goal Work?

Anyone with an Android device can promptly immerse themselves in the “Fruits Goal.” The entry process is refreshingly straightforward, without any registration requirements or intricate setup procedures – you can seamlessly plunge directly into the heart of the gameplay.

How to Play Fruits Goal And Earn?

The mechanics of the game are refreshingly straightforward. A mere tap on the screen determines the descent point of your chosen fruit.

How to Play Fruits Goal And Earn?

Your initial fruit of choice resembles a fig or something akin to it. Once you release and guide it downward, your primary objective is to initiate a collision between two fruits.

Upon achieving this feat, the fruits elegantly meld into a larger, yellow-hued fruit. While the exact identity of this newfound fruit might remain enigmatic, it is inconsequential in the grand scheme.

The crux of the matter lies in the progressive growth of these amalgamated fruits, paralleled by a steady augmentation in your virtual cash reserves. The sensation of exhilaration gradually intensifies as your earnings accumulate. In the early stages, cash rewards effortlessly grace your account, requiring no obligations or prerequisites. The initial jackpot prize is an impressive $66—an enticing incentive.

However, a shift occurs as you approach the brink of amassing a $90 balance. Receiving these rewards now comes with a stipulation: an investment of your precious time. It would be best to endure an advertisement until its culmination to claim your coveted virtual dollars.

A vital rule dictates your gameplay: prevent any fruit from transgressing the upper boundary. Yet, fret not if your endeavours culminate in a “game over” scenario. Even in the event of restarting, your hard-earned earnings securely remain preserved within your balance, ensuring your progress remains unaffected.

How to Cash Out From Fruits Goal?

Recall the confident figure from the promotional material, boldly asserting that a substantial $100 will seamlessly drop into your account upon achieving level 2. Regrettably, this proclamation strays significantly from reality’s path. The notion of withdrawing funds feels distant and elusive, as you must strive for a minimum accumulation of $300.

How to Cash Out From Fruits Goal?

However, a noticeable discrepancy emerges when you navigate to the withdrawal section. The figures you encounter there differ distinctly. This unique reward system is spreading like wildfire! The avenues for cashing out extend to PayPal, Visa, Gift Cards, and even in-game currencies. A single click is all it takes to unveil the methodology for generating an additional $10+ per day!

Here’s an example to illuminate the situation further: Suppose your in-game earnings total $100; under the alternative balance, this amount morphs into a paltry $1. The tangible sum that can be withdrawn is intricately linked to an exchange rate contingent upon your current game level. However, the journey towards ascending these levels is akin to a marathon, necessitating dedicated effort.

In a somewhat disheartening revelation, that apparent $300 bounty you believed you had garnered? It dwindles to a mere $3, with the outcome of its transfer to your PayPal account shrouded in uncertainty.

The ultimate breakthrough materializes only upon vanquishing level 60. At this juncture, you can genuinely claim 100% of your accumulated earnings, marking the pinnacle of your conquest within the game’s intricate landscape.


  1. How do I earn virtual cash?

    Matching and merging fruits leads to an increase in your virtual cash balance. As you progress, your earnings grow.

  2. How do I withdraw my earnings?

    It would help if you reached a certain balance to withdraw your earnings, often higher than initially claimed. Different withdrawal methods, including PayPal, Visa, Gift Cards, and in-game currencies, are available.

  3. Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?

    Yes, a minimum balance is typically required to initiate a withdrawal. However, be aware that the amount available for withdrawal might differ from what you see in the game.

  4. How do I level up in the game?

    Levelling up involves progressing through various stages of gameplay. However, levelling up can be a gradual process that requires consistent effort and gameplay.

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