GAB PTC Review – 5 Easy Ways To Earn Money and Bitcoins.
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GAB PTC Review – 5 Easy Ways To Earn Money and Bitcoins


Are you looking to make some extra money online? That is possible if you join an online rewards site. One such type of online reward site is the GAB PTC site.
GAB, a PTC site, will allow you to make money by mainly clicking on ad offers and viewing them. It is a PTC site that claims you will have an excellent opportunity to make some extra money.

What is GAB PTC? is a paid-to-click (PTC) online platform that allows you to earn rewards by clicking ad offers and doing other activities on the site. There are many tasks and options, such as Offers, Games, Videos, and Grid Puzzles.

How to get started GAB PTC?

You can register as a member with no issue where you live. You just have to fill out their registration form, and you are set. They also don’t say any age requirement to register as a member.
But you usually must be at least 13 years of age or older to participate.

How to get started GAB PTC

Once you’ve completed the registration form, you can start working on offers immediately. You don’t even have to activate your account.

How To Make Money on GAB PTC?

So, let’s take a closer look at how you can earn from GAB.

1. Make money by View Ads from GAB PTC.

As I mentioned, the primary way to earn rewards on a PTC site is by clicking on ads. is no different. You will earn rewards by clicking on ads.

Make money by View Ads from GAB PTC.

You can view five ads on GAB: daily ads, featured ads, tiny ads, fixed ads, and bonus ads. Among the five types, daily ads, featured ads, and small ads are the ones that pay the most. All you have to do is click an ad, wait for several seconds for the ad to load completely, and then complete the captcha that will appear in the upper left-hand corner. You can close the window and click on another ad when it confirms you’ve completed the ad viewing.

2. Make money through Paid Offers from GAB PTC.

Another way you can make money from GAB is by doing paid offers.

Make money through Paid Offers from GAB PTC.

The paid offers will come from other sites, though. The offer may comprise answering a survey, taking a quiz, signing up for a website, downloading a mobile app, playing games, watching videos, or completing online tasks.

Follow the set of instructions in any request you desire, and following it is the only way you can receive the reward.

3. Make money by Grid Games from GAB PTC.

There is a grid game in GAB called GAB Grid, where you can earn rewards. Click on any number from 1 to 30 and then watch a full video to acquire rewards.

You can make bitcoins in GAB by connecting on the Earn Bitcoins tab on the partner dashboard.

Clicking it will turn you to a website called ADBTC, which lets you earn Bitcoins.

4. Earn Bitcoins from GAB PTC.

You will also be able to make bitcoins on GAB, but they will turn you to a different site to do so.

If you click the Earn Bitcoins tab on their member dashboard, you will be turned to a site called adBTC.

Earn Bitcoins from GAB PTC

This site allows you to make Bitcoins by visiting other sites.

This procedure is the same as when you view an ad on GAB. The only difference is you will be taken to another site instead of viewing an ad.

The Bitcoin you will make will not be credited to your GAB account, but will be credited to your adBTC account. So, all these earning options refer you to a separate site to earn Bitcoins. You will have to sign up to adBTC to complete their offers.

5. Make money through Referrals from GAB PTC.

By sharing your referral link, you can also earn more rewards by referring your friends and relatives to GAB.

You can earn from 5% to 10% per referral your friends and family earn from the site by completing offers and clicking ads.

On this website, you can buy referrals. But the working of both direct and bought referrals is similar, as they provide you with a referral bonus.

However, this can backfire when your expenses may be bigger than your actual income on the sites.

GAB PTC Payment Method.

You will be paid via Perfect Money and Payeer. The lowest payout threshold of GAB is 3 USD.

The points you make can be converted into cash. One hundred points are equivalent to $1.

You cannot withdraw the point, but it can be used to invest in GAB.


  1. What are GAB points worth?

    GAB points can be converted into a dollar. 100 GAB Point is equivalent to $1.

  2. Is there a chance of winning more from GABGrid?

    Yes, According to the site, if you can upgrade your membership, there is a higher chance of winning GABGrid prizes.

  3. How Long Does it Take To Receive Your Earnings?

    The site has two policies for withdrawing your earnings. They are Priority and Regular Payments. If you are membership of Priority Payments, it will take a few days, and in the case of Regular Payments, it will take a few weeks.

  4. How can you buy referrals?

    You can buy referrals by spending your money or your purchase balance. You can accumulate purchase balance by completing tasks and offers.

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