How To Mine USDT, Theta Token, Or TETHER US On Any Computer

Best Way to Mine USDT, Theta Token, Or TETHER US in 2024


What’s up, everyone? Welcome back to another new blog. Today,  I will try to share how to mine USDT, Theta Token, or TETHER US on any computer laptop or any windows operating system. so, let’s get started

Tether or USDT Live Price, Market Cap, Volume, Supply.

Open The Website For Mining Theta Token, Tether, Or USDT.

So, for mine, tether or USDT, you need suitable horror components first internet connection and a Tether wallet. So, how do you mine USDT on your computer? Go to the computer and open a browser with a new tab. So, open a new account and type Once you are home page, you can see that the USDT is available here.

Open the website for mining Theta Token, tether, or USDT.

That they have the contracts with the BEP20, ERC 20, and TRC20. 

Create A Folder And Add Exclusions To Mining Theta Token.

So now minimize your browser, go to the desktop, and create a new folder type it USDT. Once you have completed the folder, open up the windows security, and click on the “virus & threat production”. Click on the manage settings, and click on add or remove exclusions.

Create a folder and add exclusions to mining Theta Token.

Add an exclusion, and select the folder to choose the USDT folder. So now the USDT folder is wholly excluded from windows security.

Why Are We Excluding The Miner Folder?

Why are we excluding this? Because third-party software are theoretic or harmful to windows security. Suppose you should directly get the unmineable miner or include other miners. So automatically, the windows security will delete it, and it will not allow you to the miner software. So, in this case, we are excluding it not to delete the miner that we are currently gotten on our windows operating system.

Get And Extract The Miner To Mining Theta Token

So go to the USDT folder. Right-click or select extract here. Once the unmineable miner sucks fully extracted, double click to open it. Here is the fastest and easiest way to store mining your favourite non-manual and some minimal coins.

Select Your Mining Hardware

So, click on the continue here. You can select your mining hardware.

Select your mining hardware

Whether your computer is having sound graphics card, so you can choose GPU. If your computer does not have good graphics, you can continue with the CPU.

Enter Your Wallet Address To Mining Theta Token.

You have to select the token, type it USDT, and click on Address here. You have to enter your wallet address. If you are using a trust wallet, metro mask, other cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, or go coin. So, you can copy that USDT address from there. So, I will use the binance here. Come to the wallet, click on the fiat, and spot search for the coin that you want to copy their errors.

Enter your wallet address to mining Theta Token.

So, click on the deposit here. You have to see that USDT is selected, and the network is ERC 20.

Enter your wallet address to mining Theta Token.

Copy the Address and paste it into the miner Address box.

Enter Referral Code And Mine More Theta Token.

So, guys, once you have passed the error, you can see the referral code.

Enter referral code and mine more Theta Token.

You can enter any referral code if your friends are referred you. So here, click on the start-to-start mining USDT.

Enter referral code and mine more Theta Token.

You can see the lost 24 hours reward the total paired with the lost payment. Now in the payouts from the 1.5 USDT.

Change Your Miner Setting To Mining Theta Token.

If you want to bring any changes to the setting.

Change your miner setting to mining Theta Token.

Click on the “advanced setting” here. You can select your mining intensity like a low, high, or custom setting. You can set a custom worker name and put a custom referral link. If you want to bring changes, click on save and restart.


So, guys, this is how you can mine USDT on your computer or laptop or any windows operating system. So, I hope you can understand how to do it.


  1. Does THETA crypto have a future?

    THETA, USDT, Theta Token, or TETHER US is one cryptocurrency that is going to have a bright future.

  2. Is THETA a good crypto investment?

    Yes, it’s true! THETA is a good crypto investment, Theta has the best immediate real-world use case of all the thousands of crypto projects.

  3. How many THETA tokens are left?

    The total supply of THETA, USDT, Theta Token, or TETHER US is capped at 1 billion (1,000,000,000) tokens in 2022.

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