How To Earn Yield App Crypto Coin Token Yield App Review

Yield App Review: How To Earn 100% Easy Crypto Coin Token


What’s up, guys, and welcome back to another crazy day here in the world of crypto. So today I have some very exciting information for you. We’re going to be going through the Yield App. the reason I bring it to you is that I love to talk about passive income and generating that passive income no matter where the market is. After the last few months, we have been in basically a bear market or a correction. Whatever you want to call it.

But over this time, I’ve been discussing with you guys some different ways to be generating money, no matter what happens. Now that’s specifically what the yield app does? And some of the breaks that they offer their customers are very competitive. That’s why we’re talking about it today. With all of that said, here in the world of crypto, without wasting any more of your time. Let’s jump straight onto their website and have a bit of a look at the yield app.

What Exactly The Yield App Crypto Coin Is?

So right now, they are a web-based platform. But they have an app coming very soon, the Apple app store and the Google Play Store.

What exactly the Yield App Crypto coin is?

So, what exactly are they doing? They have assets here in the digital realm that generates huge passive income.

Available Assets on Yield App?

So right now, you can do Bitcoin, DAI, Ethereum, USDC, USTD, and their native yield app token.

Available Assets on Yield App?

We will be going through it very shortly. You can get up to 14 % annum on USDT and USDC. Eight percent on Ethereum and up to eight percent on bitcoin. Which is pretty huge stuff here in the market? The average for bitcoin and Ethereum is probably around two to four percent on these major platforms. But here, you have the opportunity to make significantly more than that.

Currently, you can already buy their token on a bunch of the top centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Available Assets on Yield App?

You’ve got one-inch coo coin, QUICK SWAP, Sushi Swap, UNIS WAP, and many other places.

Available Assets on Yield App?

So, their whole thesis around here is getting set up in minutes. So, it’s super simple. This isn’t an app that’s super complicated in the decentralized realm. You can deposit assets. Select the amount you want and deploy. It’s that easy. You’re always in control. Your assets are never locked unless you want them to be, and you can exit your positions at any time. You can connect from anywhere and easily manage your account using their simple, intuitive web application.

Available Assets Live Price, Market Cap, Volume, Supply.

Yield App Has a User-Friendly Dashboard

Now, I’ve spoken about this on the blog before. I think it’s super important for projects to have very simple designs.

Yield App has a User-friendly dashboard

You can see here on the dashboard what I want from these apps are very simple designs. This means anyone can use them if you are in the normal world and don’t currently use cryptocurrency. Having a return like 10% is unheard of. Right, imagine you had a savings account in the real world. You put your money in there, and a 10% return. Absolutely everyone would do that, but here on the app, you can do that. And it’s in a place where it’s super easy to use.

Why Can You Trust the Yield App?

Now, of course, everything does come with risks. I’m not here to tell you that this is 100 risk-free. Because, of course, nothing is, but this is one of the closest places you can come to be risk-free.

Why Can You Trust the Yield App?

One of the reasons I say that is because they are licensed on top of the simple use of the app. So currently, the yield app is managed by a team of experienced capital markets, fintech, and cybersecurity—professionals licensed as a crypto exchange and crypto custodian issued by the Estonian financial intelligence unit.

Yield App Highly experienced team

On top of their partners, they have a highly experienced team from all over the world.

Yield App Highly experienced team

They have expertise in this market and a proven track record. The reason why I love this platform is simply that it’s so easy.

Earn With Yield Digital Wealth

So right now, you do have the options of these cryptos they plan to build them out in the future. But you can see your wallet here.

Earn with the Yield token

Earn with the Yield token

You’re holding what you’ve currently staked, so I’ve personally staked some yield tokens here, 9872 yield tokens.

Earn with the Yield token

If you head over to the yield token section here, you can see what tier we are in, and the utility of the yield token itself is when you stake it on the platform, you get different returns. So, you get four percent when staked, or 12% when locked. that increases the more you’re willing to stake. You lock the tokens for 12 months for a guaranteed return over that time. Or you can simply stake it and take it out whenever you want.

What is the USDC section at Yield App?

Now, if we head over to the USDC section here, we can see that the yield app USDC portfolio offers up to 14% in annual interest in USDC.

What is the USDC section at Yield App?

Again, you can see the different tiers by staking your yield tokens will give you different returns. if you have zero bronze to 999 state yield tokens. You can get seven percent, which is still huge, right. Then we move on to silver at eight percent with an extra one percent in your yield bonus. You get gold, which is nine percent, with an extra two percent. And then diamond which is 11 plus three percent which gives you 14% return. So now that you understand the different tiers.

How to easily stake your USDC at Yield App?

Let’s just quickly go through how easy it is to stake your USDC here on the yield app., of course. You can choose whatever crypto you want to use. But I prefer to use USDC because that’s what I’m holding here on the platform.

How to Earn with USDC at Yield App?

So, we’re going to click earn up here. Click on that USDC here. You can choose from your other assets.

How to Earn with USDC at Yield App?

If you want to USDC, you got available 10 000, but I’m going to do it just for purpose’s sake. I’m going to put in $500. now we’re going to click here on the annual rate. The rewards are paid daily. Hit confirm we’re going to wait, and now we are deployed successfully, and you will start to see your rewards daily.

Auto control of your earnings at Yield App

A very interesting thing you can do is click on the auto compound and auto-deploy deposit. So, if you click on auto-deploy deposits, you’ll be able to put deposits in here automatically. If you use auto compounding, it will take your rewards from the USDC. And directly put them back in and stake them. So, what this does is unlike most staking platforms where you earn your rewards, then the rewards simply sit there, and you can claim them when you want.

How does this auto compounder work at Yield App?

This auto compounded takes those awards, puts them into your staking pool, and then you earn rewards on those rewards. This is what compounding is, and this is how you can grow your wealth very quickly. So, this is a very good feature in my eyes, and it makes the whole process much more passive.


Let’s move on to a little bit about the yield app token itself. So, they have a max supply of 300 000, and currently, there are around 75 million yield app tokens locked on the platform. that’s a significant amount of the circulating supply. The platform itself has over 500 million dollars in assets under management. Currently has over 78 000 users, which is growing every day. There are also 2 700 diamond tier members. So, there are a lot of people that believe in this platform. On top of the app and the staking, you can also buy and convert your crypto here.


  1. What type of digital assets can I earn rewards from Yield App?

    You can select any of the digital assets (USDT, USDC, DAI, ETH, BTC, or any other permissioned asset) on their dashboard.

  2. What is the YLD token?

    YLD is Yield App membership token. which enables you to boost their returns on their digital assets while earning daily rewards on their YLD.

  3. Can I convert digital assets on the Yield App platform?

    Yes, their “Convert” feature allows you to convert your digital assets to any other approved assets available on the Yield App platform.

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