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How to Play Pegaxy NFT Horses Game | Full Guide in 2024


Hey, guys, welcome back. Today, I will be talking about Pegaxy, and I will try to explain what this Pegaxy NFT game is all about. So, in this game, you have to racehorses called pegas. These pages are supposedly descendants of Pegasus. a mythical divine horse with wings from ancient Greek mythology. Except this Pegaxy NFT game is set in the future. So, these horses are mechanical and futuristic.

How To Judge Any Crypto NFT Game?

There are two things you have to watch before judging that game. The first thing is ‘TOKENOMICS,’ this word you will get to see inside almost all the projects, And the second thing is ‘WHITEPAPER .’If we go ‘Tokenomics, it will tell us about the Crypto Coins used to run the Crypto Game on the back-end or those used inside it. Developers are made of these games themselves, And they have explained which coin belongs to which purpose. What is the burn ratio? Because each coin has a burn ratio.

Which Coin Belongs To Which Purpose

So, if you look here, the names of 2 coins are written; One is ‘PGX,’ and another is ‘VIS.’

Which coin belongs to which purpose

So here, both are based on Polygon (Matic). Tokens’ names are mentioned: Pegaxy Stone and Vigorus; symbols are described. So here, if you see Use Case: one is ‘Governance’ and the second is ‘Utility .’Now there are two things inside the game; Governance means if you are trading. If you buy an NFT, sell an NFT, or rent it out, these will be the coarse things that must do with the coin named ‘PGX .’The other thing is Utility. The Utility here basically refers to all the rewards you will receive in the game. If you win, the coins you’ll receive will be in the form of this coin named ‘VIS.’

What About This Pegaxy NFT Game Is?

Let me first give you some information about this Pegaxy NFT game, that what is this game is about! This is a Horse Racing game. Imagine you are in Metaverse, you’re betting in the race of the horses, you’re investing money, you’re earning, buying your horse, and renting it out. then all the horses are being involved in a race, So that’s the whole thing inside this Pegaxy NFT game. You can rent or sell horses for PGX. But the primary token you can earn is playing the game and winning races. 

How To Sign Up For This NFT Game At Pegaxy?

So, as usual, you only need a Meta mask wallet for Signing-In here in this Pegaxy NFT game.

Sign in a Metamask wallet. The first thing here is the marketplace. All the Horses are listed with their price; Here, it’s USDT. This Pegaxy NFT horse is for 2000 USDT, In the form of NFT, and is being sold here. So, as you click on any horse, you can find the entire statistics. You can see ‘Speed,’ ‘Strength,’ ‘Lightning,’ etc.

Make Money For Free Without Investing By A Scholarship At Pegaxy

If you have no money to invest, you can try to find a scholarship. Many big gaming guilds are looking to expand from maxi infinity into Pegaxy.

Make Money for free without investing by a scholarship at Pegaxy

They will give you a horse to race with for free for a percentage split of the in-game token. This means that you will have to play the game with your manager’s horse that they will give you through an automated rental system. that is readily available on the website. So also, once the rental time expires, the horse will return to the owner automatically.

Make Money for free without investing by a scholarship at Pegaxy

This Pegaxy NFT rental is incredible, in my opinion, because in axis infinity, a manager would have to create a separate account for you. The gift you Axie and then that manager would also have to pay you manually, and you have to hope and pray that they’ll give you the amount of SOP you’re owed. That they don’t kick you out with anything. But in Pegaxy it’s all automated. So, you can play under your account, and the funds will automatically be delivered to you. You don’t even need to interact with your manager, or if you’re a manager, you don’t have to interact with your scholar. If you don’t want.

Make Money For Free With Rent Horse At Pegaxy

All fast, convenient, and super easy, you can go to their marketplace right now and try to rent a horse for free. The problem is that the slots are getting taken very fast. So, it’s challenging unless you talk to a manager beforehand. Usually, scholarships in this Pegaxy NFT game do an 80 to 20 split between the manager and the scholar.

But right now, even if you only get 20 percent of the revenue as a scholar, you still stand to make a lot more money than in Axie Infinity. The gameplay is also straightforward, as you have to click a few buttons every few hours. Watch your horse race and hope that you get lucky and win as many times as possible.

How To Play NFT Game At Pegaxy

Many people are confused as to why anyone would play a game that has no gameplay. A game that is pretty much all automated. A game where you start the race against 11 other horses, and you have to watch and have no influence over it. You can only hope that you can win. But think about it like this guy, you are simply watching horses race, and you are invested in this.

How to play NFT game at Pegaxy

Because there’s real money involved. So, you are rooting for your horse. You can see you’re invested both financially and emotionally. Which makes you excited about the outcome. The races will always be between 12 horses, and only the top three will be rewarded with tokens. The first-place wins 105 tokens, the second 44, and the third 26.

How To Buy Your Horse At Pegaxy?

The third way of making money is to purchase your horse. So, you could go to their marketplace on, and on the right side, you will have different filters to buy the type of horse you want. If you wish to get the cheapest ones, go to sort by and select prices from low to high. Their prices are usually listed in USDT.

This is also known as a tether, and it’s a cryptocurrency that is always equivalent to an actual dollar value. If you want to purchase any of these horses, you need USDT on your metamask wallet in the polygon matic manner. To purchase a horse, you will also need a minimal amount of matic on your metamask account. Plus, the USD value is required. Then you can go ahead and purchase the horse you want.

How To Select Horse Price At Pegaxy

The horses or the pegas will differ in pricing based on their bloodlines, rarities, win rates, and breed count.

How to select horse price at Pegaxy

So, you have four bloodlines, the rarest one is HOZ, the less rare one is compone uncommon is klin, and the most common one is Zan; these horses differ in appearance based on their wing design, and in the future, they will continue to change and improve their design. So, you can see even more clear differences between the four bloodlines. You also have five different rarities. The rarest are the founding pages.

The founding pages were created and not born. The Legacy team created these 5 000 founding pegas. So, anything that comes after these five thousand pounding pegas is created by players through breeding. I would say founding pages are the equivalent of mystic axes in ax infinity. So if the game keeps rising in popularity, I can only see its prices increase. Then you also have other rarities, likely gender epic rare and pacer being the most common one. Now, if all of this is confusing to you, here’s how I can simplify the bloodlines, the rarities none of that currently matters when it comes to racing your horse.

What Thing You Have To Check Before Buying A Horse At Pegaxy

The only thing that matters is the win rate percentage, you can check before buying a horse, provided it has been raced before. You will find that most horses have a win rate of somewhere between 20 and 25. With that kind of win rate, you are expected to win an average of five races out of the 25 races you are allowed to play per day with one horse.

so if you buy a floor price horse, meaning the cheapest one on the marketplace it stands to do just as well and just as good as any other very rare horse when it comes to just racing the only advantage that the more rare pages have been the difference in appearance value in terms of collectibility and advantages outside of racing such as faster cooldown to breed and less time for a newborn to have to wait before it’s able to do its first race or actually to start breeding themselves.

How To Rent Your Horse At Pegaxy?

So, if you’re looking to race or rent your horses, you can safely buy almost any floor-price horse and know that they will do just fine. When it comes to racing, there’s only one thing you should focus on, their actual win rate percentage. Because that will dictate the return on your investment, so let’s say that your horse has about a 20-win rate.

So, on average, you’re expected to win five games out of the 25. You’re allowed to play for the day with that horse. With an average of roughly 58 this per win. This brings you up to 290 this per day. And that is about 20 at the current price of this. the price of pegas will be heavily influenced by the current price of this and PGX; these will always fluctuate, so there will be a better and worse time to invest in this Pegaxy NFT game.

How To Breed A Horse And Earn At Pegaxy

Now, another thing that I must touch upon is the fact that the pagans are either female or male. and there’s no difference in terms of the racing ability or rarity, but you need a Female and a male page to breed them. so you’re only allowed to breed a horse up to seven times.

How to breed a horse and earn at Pegaxy

And each time, there will be an increase in the amount of this required to breed them. The Breed is a great way to burn the token. Right now, there’s still a pretty healthy relationship between the burned versus minted ratio between the two as the amounts of this. It would help if you bred your horses are pretty high and get significantly higher. The more you approach, the maximum of seven Breed counts. To breed, you also need a small amount of PGX. Again, this system is very similar to the one in ax infinity. So, if you want to breed, it is probably best to buy virgin pages to get the best return on your investment.

What Kind Of Horse Have To Breed A Horse At Pegaxy?

So, you would have to buy one virgin male page and one virgin female Pega and start reading up to three or four times. Or at least that’s the case for most Vegas. You have to calculate that on your own and see what would be the most profitable at the time. so to understand more about the outcomes in terms of rarity bloodlines and such, you should head out and read their white paper and consult the table.


So, to conclude, ultimately, with the horses you buy, you can do multiple things to raise them. You can rent them for either a set fee or a percentage split. Again, this is the equivalent of running a scholarship, or you could start your breeding farm and get as many horses as you can. If your goal is to increase your stability, you will have to start renting out your horses and starting scholarships, as you will physically not have the time to race all these horses yourself. Again, this is very simple because everything is accessible and automated within the Legacy platform.


  1. How much is Pegaxy horse?

    Today 1. Pegaxy Stone Price (24hr) is $0.200275 10.24%2. Pegaxy Trading Volume (24hr) is $9,946 -11.50%3. Pegaxy Transparent Vol. (24hr) is $41.00<1% 201.99%

  2. What is Pegaxy?

    Pegaxy is NFT horses racing gameplay you can earn to play the game at pegaxy.

  3. Is Pegaxy Crypto?

    PGX (Pegaxy) is an ERC-20 standard token built on the Polygon, it is an Ethereum blockchain.

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