Optimalbux - 8 Easy Ways You Can Make Money Online
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Optimalbux – 8 Easy Ways You Can Earn Money Online


The good news is that some websites called Optimalbux let you earn cash even without professional skills. Optimalbux is a PTC (paid-to-click) website that offers different tasks, such as watching ads, buying ad packs, referring people to the system, and more. I will provide all the Information to help you decide whether this is worth joining.

What Is Optimalbux?

Optimalbux is a PTC (paid-to-click) website that offers different earning opportunities in simple and easy tasks like watching ads, referring a friend to promote their website, etc. In trade for members’ accomplished tasks, they’ll be rewarded with money directly wired to their account. this site is a relatively has only been around since last 2018. It is a PTC program that runs on Evolution script and is founded by Dimitrios Kornelatos, who likewise owned and managed the two renowned websites, Scarlet-Clicks and GPTPlannet.

How to join Optimalbux?

How to join Optimalbux?

To become a member, go through Their registration procedure. It is pretty simple. You only need to go through the usual sign-up form. Fill up the required Information and click the registration button.

1. Make money by viewing ads from Optimalbux.

You can earn money by viewing ads and earn more based on watch time. However, you really can’t earn a lot of money this way.

1. Make money by viewing ads from Optimalbux.

You only get $0.001 per 10 seconds. So if you watch 1000 seconds of ads, you’ll only get one penny.

2. Make money with Optimalgrid game from Optimalbux.

Optimalgrid is a game in which you can win up to a dollar. However, winning the dollar is very difficult.

2. Make money with Optimal grid game from Optimalbux.

This game instructs you to pick random photos, and after watching a 5-second ad, you see if you win. You get 20 opportunities a day to win.

3. Make money by Offer Walls from Optimalbux.

Offer walls is when you do small tasks for advertisers and earn money. These tasks could download an app, doing a survey, going to a website, etc. Again, not a lot to make here.

4. Make money To Sign Up for Offers from Optimalbux.

You might get paid to sign up for offers from another member’s site or affiliate link. Once you’ve followed the instructions correctly, you’ll get credits corresponding to a specific amount.

For instance, you may have to click ads for seven days or some related stuff that takes a couple of days to be completed in exchange for money.

5. Make money with Adpacks from Optimalbux.

You invest money into adpacks and get up to 120% return. Buying Optimalbux shares will pay you out later when the website blooms.

6. Make money by Flipping the coin from Optimalbux.

6. Make money by Flipping the coin from Optimalbux.

It’s likely a gambling game where you can bet on heads or tails. You’ll double your bet money when you win, but it will slip away instantly when you lose.

7. Make money through Referrals from Optimalbux.

You can also earn money from bringing in new people to Optimalbux. The good news here is that there’s no pyramid scheme recruiting, but the bad news is that the number of people you recruit is capped based on how much you pay.

8. Make money by renting referrals from Optimalbux.

Your membership level also determines how many referrals you can rent. Those people who have signed up without going through another person’s link allow you to rent their referrals. But, if your rented referrals don’t watch any ads, there’s a possibility that you will lose some money.

Optimalbux payment process.

Every completed task on Optimalbux, like watching videos or ads, referring a friend, promoting their website, and a lot more will earn you money.

Members need to reach the minimum threshold of $5 before withdrawing money from their selected payment processor, including Airtm, Skrill, Payoneer, Neteller, Cryptocurrencies, AirTM, SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash.

Unfortunately, PayPal isn’t available as your payment option. Thus, their tactic encourages you to boost your membership level.

Here are the 5-tier membership programs offered by Optimalbux to their members:

  • Standard-Free
  • Silver- $50 annually or $5 monthly
  • Gold- $300 annually or $30 monthly
  • Diamond- $700/Y or $70 monthly

However, upgrading your membership is meaningless because you’ll hardly earn such huge amounts given the low earning potential of this website. Accumulating such figures is impossible without investing your whole time on this site. It will issue the payment procedure within 2–7 days.

Members can only request one payment at a time every seven days, and the maximum cash-out limit per single request is $50.


  1. Who can join Optimalbux?

    Members from all around the world are welcome. All they need to do is to register.

  2. Is Optimalbux a legitimate site?

    Optimalbux is a legitimate website paying its members to do simple tasks they offer.

  3. What is the maximum cashout limit?

    The maximum cashout limit per single request is $50.

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