Volutic - Make Money by Reading Emails & inviting People 100% Easy

Volutic – Make Money by Reading Emails & inviting People 100% Easy


Making money with reward sites has become very popular today as they are an easy and valid way of earning. One such online reward site is called Volutic. Volutic is a GPT site that rewards you for reading emails and inviting people to join. Yes, you read that right. You get paid to read emails. It sounds too valid to be right.

What is Volutic?

Volutic is a Paid To Read email ads (PTR) service provider. According to the website, you can make money by reading emails and referring others to their website. The platform offers lots of emails to all members to read and get the reward.

Volutic Registration.

The registration is quick and straightforward. Fill up the form and check the boxes to get the terms and conditions and privacy policy.
After that, you will receive an email from Volutic, which is a verification link. Then, click on that to activate your account.

Volutic Registration.

After registration, you will see a step-by-step video instruction on how to do that according to your email provider.

Make Money by Reading Emails From Volutic.

Once you become a member of Volutic, you will begin receiving emails. You then have to read the emails, but you will only get paid once you click the links included in the emails.

Make Money by Reading Emails From Volutic.

The links in the emails will take you to a particular ad on a website. You must stay for usually 30–60 seconds.

After viewing the ad, you will get the promised amount for reading the email and viewing the ad.

So, it’s much like what you would do on a Paid-To-Click site. The only difference is that you will accomplish it in your email rather than the actual PTC site.

If you don’t like receiving this email, don’t use your email address when you sign up as a member.

You can create a new email address for this site. That way, your email address won’t be cluttered with ads and spam-like emails.

Do not believe any ad that expresses you can become wealthy online without effort and within a few hours.

And this is my biggest issue with Volutic – they are just not critical of the ads they send to you.

So if you want to earn a bit by clicking the ads, it is fine, but you should NOT take any offers they promote.

Make Money by inviting people (Referral program) From Volutic.

Another way you can make money from this site is by inviting other people to join the site.

When you share your invite link with someone, and they become a member, they will then become your direct referral. Then, if these people will then pay it forward and invite others to join the site, those people will become your level 2 referral.

It will go up to 6 levels, and you will earn a commission from their earnings, which Volutic will shoulder.

Make Money by inviting people (Referral program) From Volutic.

You will make 100% of your direct referral’s earnings. As the referral level grows, the percentage will decrease and end at 50%. It is the attractiveness of a multi-tiered referral program. You will have a proper passive form of earnings.

Plus, you will make $1 for every referral once a person reaches $1.

This kind of bonus will switch from time to time. They end it in a point that inviting people to join will benefit you.

Of course, you need to ensure the people you invite are interested in working on the site, since the reward you will get will depend on how active your referrals are.

At first sight, the referral program looks like a great way to earn. But before rushing off to invite people to join, you need to know the true earning potential of any member.

Because you will only earn a percentage of what other people you invite make, you need to know the details before inviting others. So we will go into that in just a minute.

How Do You Get Paid From Volutic?

Once you hit $0.10 in your balance, which is extremely low, you can cash out, but unlike many sites that pay out via PayPal, Volutic only pays out via Payeer or FaucetPay.

FaucetPay and Payeer are both an e-wallet designed to manage cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. But you will have to convert your money from cryptocurrency to cash. Just keep that in mind.

Even though the minimums are low, making that threshold will take a while, as you can see.


  1. Who can join Volutic?

    The good thing about Volutic is that it is available globally. You can sign up as a member regardless of where you live.

  2. Is Volutic a legit site?

    Volutic is a legit site that pays you to read emails and invite others to join.

  3. What is the minimum payout threshold?

    The minimum payout is $0.20, with a transaction fee of 1.5%.

  4. Can you use it on mobile?

    You can do it from your laptop, desktop, or mobile device.

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