3 Easy Ways to Make Money with SuccessBux Wearemoneymaker

3 Easy Ways to Make Money with SuccessBux | Wearemoneymaker


Successbux is a program that offers several ways to earn: first, it is a classic PTC, but in addition, it provides the section Paid to Watch and Paid to Sign Up, get paid to put on Facebook or listen to audio commercials.

There is the section with the offers (playing with your cell phone, downloading apps, etc.), and there is an entirely free traffic section where you’ll see repetitive ads about how much you want and whenever you want. and you will get the same number of visits to your site. Plus, there are weekly competitions.

Referrals, which you can also purchase, will get you 100% of their daily earnings. With these chances of getting the referrals, they’re pretty active, with an excellent click of activity and clicks.

What is SuccessBux, and what does it offer?

SuccessBux is a GPT site that promises to pay you for finishing the tasks they present.

It has been rough since 2012 and has let thousands of its members earn money.

It offers several earning opportunities, but to truly gauge how well you can make from this site, we have to inspect each option. So, here’s how you can make money on SuccessBux.

How to Earn on SuccessBux

Most expect GPT (“get paid to…”) Sites. Well, SuccessBux is different. Like GPT (get paid to) sites, you achieve rewards on SuccessBux by doing simple tasks.

Make money by Watching Videos.

You earn on SuccessBux by watching videos. You go on your dashboard and find videos for you to watch, and you’ll know beforehand how much watching each video will cost. When you open a video, you must first click an image to confirm that you’re actively managing.

Earning on SuccessBux requires active participation. It isn’t a passive earning method. Every video you open will instruct you to click on images. On some GPT sites, you can leave videos running all day while you do your laundry; it is not one of those.

Most of the videos include ads – usually for get-rich-quick strategies. Remember, SuccessBux is not accountable for the content or legality of these ads. I wouldn’t suggest you follow any of the links in those ads. Just watch the video, earn from it, and reject it.

Make money by Taking Offers.

The site has a list of offers, like free trials for different subscription services. Whenever you take those offers, you earn. Take note, some of these needs you to share your credit card info. If you accept requests, cancel your membership before the paid subscription kicks in. Otherwise, your card might bring charged.

Also, some offers were for, oddly sufficiently, online casinos. To earn from SuccessBux, you must first deposit in the online casino (money you bet with). I’m not really into gambling, and this doesn’t look like a good idea. Suppose you’re into gambling—more power to you. But if you’re not, you could lose more money than you make.

Make money by Listening to Radio.

They’ve got an online radio station. You earn for every ten minutes of listening, and a CAPTCHA test will pop up for you to complete every ten minutes, confirming that it indeed tuned you in.


You can also make money by referring friends or family to the site. Your commission starts at 10% with your free membership and increases as you increase to the paid membership levels. Standard membership is free. But you can boost your membership by paying the following fees:

  • Standard–free
  • Premium – $19 for 12 months
  • Silver – $34 for 12 months
  • Golden – $29 for 6 months; $49 for 12 months
  • Elite – $39 for 6 months; $64 for 12 months
  • Ultimate – $29 for 3 months; $49 for 6 months; $67 for 12 months

Moving increases your referrals’ earnings (up to 100% on higher levels) and lowers the cash-out fee (Yes, there’s a cash-out fee, unfortunately).

It related most of the perks to referrals, and I see what they’re doing here. Your income for watching videos and taking offers won’t be extremely high (more on that later). They’re hoping you make referrals your primary earning method. When you pay for upgraded membership, you become better sponsored in their system, meaning you’d be more potential to work harder to bring people to join the site. And more members, what SuccessBux desires. It isn’t shady per se; it’s just pretty smart.

Earning Potential on SuccessBux

The earnings per task aren’t so great, reinforcing my theory that they want you to rely on referrals for earnings. Anyway, average earnings for functions are:

  • Watching videos – $0.001 on the “high” end and a little $0.0001 on the low end
  • Listening to the radio – $0.005 for every ten minutes

I know these sites aren’t a means to get rich – they’re good for pocket money. But the earnings for the above tasks are so low that they’re even worth the electricity and bandwidth you’re using.

To make decent money on SuccessBux, you must play the referrals game. And that means paying to upgrade your membership to maximize your earnings. Personally, this isn’t my thing. But I’ll allow you to decide on this one.

Payout Options on SuccessBux

There’s a $1 minimum withdrawal, and your earnings will send via PayPal or Payza. I like the low minimum payout. There’s a 2% processing fee for the standard membership level and 1% for all other classes.

They had to pay a processing fee, sucks. To add abuse to damage, they can’t even nix that processing cost altogether, even when you’re paying up to $67 a year for a top-tier membership! A member shouldn’t have to pay for something a site must account for in the foremost place.


  1. Is Successbux com legit?

    Yes, it is a legit site. But it takes a lot of your time. And it takes a long time for you to make sufficient to cash out your revenues. I will use this site if you want to earn a little money on the side.

  2. What I Liked About SuccessBux?

    They are free to join.
    You can make money with them.
    They are a worldwide opportunity.
    Extremely low payout threshold and nifty payment options.

  3. Can You Make Money With SuccessBux?

    Yes, This is true – You can make money with SuccessBux, and I am happy and delighted to tell you so. However, this will not be something that will pull you out of your financial crisis or pay any significant bills, but you can and will earn money on your tiffin break or while travelling to and from your place of work.

  4. Does The BBB accredit SuccessBux?

    I encourage you and all my readers to be safe online, take your online safety and security seriously, and do your background checks. This is how you stay safe online. I checked out SuccessBux on The Better Business Bureau website and found that there is no listing for them, making their standing unaccredited and not rated.

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