5 Ways To Earn Money From Adsital Solution

5 Ways To Earn Money From Adsital Solution


AdSitalSolution.com is a GPT rewards site in any country. PayPal is available for payments. Today I’d like to look at the site and see if it’s a scam or a legitimate way for most of my readers, even international readers, to make an extra income online.

I’ll cover the ways to earn, how to get paid, my complaints, and if this site is a scam or a legitimate way to make it!

What Is AdSital Solution?

AdSital Solution is a GPT site that offers different opportunities to earn extra bucks from paid offers, paid surveys, videos, and so on.

AdSital Solution is a very legit GPT site and pays its members regularly. Let’s discuss some ways on the platform through which you can make money online.

How To Earn at AdsitalS olution?

AdSital Soultion has tons of offers from 3rd party providers. Most offers include visiting websites, taking surveys, signing up for free sites, completing short tasks, downloading apps, and much more. Depending on how you make most of these offers, pay $.50–$2.50. This section is most of the ways to make money on this site.

Paid Offers:

The other ways to earn money with AdSital Solution are simple tasks like signing up for a website, playing games, answering quizzes, downloading apps, and so on.

Paid offers are one of the most comfortable ways to make money. You need to follow the instructions that come with each offer. Sometimes you must watch the video for a few seconds or sign up for an offer with your certifications.

Some offers may require filling in your financial and credit card details. Such requests are reasonable, but you must remember to cancel your subscription before the offer ends. Otherwise, you will finish setting up your credit card. So I would suggest bypassing these offers.

Paid Surveys:

AdSital Solution has many famous survey routers like Speak up and My Survey, so you will get plenty of offers to complete the surveys.

You will find Surveys in the main menu under the earn section. Click on the Offerwalls.

If you want to attempt surveys, the first thing you want to remember is that you might not qualify for every survey you try.

You may not allow for a survey if your demographic like country, is not matched with the condition for a survey. It also considers your gender, age, hobbies and other things you get set on. So it is essential to fill in the profile surveys.

You will immediately screen out if you try to fill in the wrong information.

It is necessary to remember that the third party provides all the surveys on AdSital Solution, and that’s why when you click on a survey, it will turn you to another website.

To get more additional surveys, fill the profile in as considerably detail as possible. Your profile is the base on which you will get all future surveys. You must fill in all the information regarding yourself, your family, your education, hobbies, etc.

View Ads:

View ads are one of the widespread parts of PTC sites. It’s a fun way to make some fast cents. You will not make a significant amount, but if you like to watch an advertisement, it’s a good choice.

Click on an ad and wait 10 seconds before closing it.

Though minimal ads per person, it’s a straightforward and instantly paid option. You must click on the ad; it will open in another window. Solve a captcha to ensure that you have watched the advertisement. You will get paid immediately.

Get paid to watch videos:

AdSital Solution has a section where you can make money by watching videos.

There are quite a ton of opportunities here. The matter here is, at the moment, that you cannot see how much you will earn for watching the videos.

I tried to watch one but did not get any credit, so it could look like the videos you find in the video section are more for entertainment.

But you can also see videos on the offers walls. Here you can see what you will earn and what will get credited.

You are watching videos like this will, however, not give you massive earnings. It is not just on AdSital Solution in this case, but on more or less all GPT sites that offer videos as an earning method.

Therefore, I usually advise you only to watch the videos if you are interested in watching them, anyway. Doing it to earn will, in most cases, be a waste of time.

Refer A Friend:

AdSital Solution has a refer a friend program, where you can share your referral link with others, and when anyone joins through your link, you get 10% of their income for life.

How Do You Get Paid?

AdSital Solution offers you only one choice to withdraw your money, i.e. PayPal, and I think this is one of the most loyal sources to get paid through.

But if you are from India, you can withdraw your money through PayTm and NEFT. To withdraw money to PayPal, you need $5.

It is important to remember that AdSital Solution only pays once a month, so you must submit a request on the 2nd of every month to withdraw your money by the 5th.

How Much Money Can You Make?

How much money you can make depends on you. The more time you pay on AdSital Solution, the more money you make.

The more offers you complete, the more money you can make. The best thing about AdSital Solution is that it provides excellent offers, but the downside is that it pays very little.

Another good thing about AdSitalSolution is a low minimum payout threshold; you can withdraw money immediately to your account.

Who Can Join AdSital Solution?

AdSitalSolution is available worldwide, and anyone can join it. Anyone below 13 can join the site, but to withdraw your earning to PayPal, you need to be 18 years old. PayPal has an age boundary of 18 years. Those below 18 years cannot have a PayPal account.

I’ve spent some time searching through all the layers to get into the system’s core and discover if it’s just another scam or this system may work.

AdSitalSolutions Advantages

Plenty Of Ways To Earn

Most of the sites I recommend don’t limit you to just one way to earn. AdSitalSolutions has plenty of ways to make like taking surveys, visiting websites, tasks, referring friends, and much more. No matter your country, you’ll have plenty of ways to earn.

Worldwide available

Most of my recommendations and the sites I check are only for US members, but I love finding legitimate options worldwide. Remember that this site will not make you rich, but if you want to make money in a country where PayPal is available, this is a good option!


  1. Is AdSitalSolution a Scam?

    AdSitalSolution is not a scam; it’s a legitimate way to earn an extra income online in most countries. With that being said, it’s very important to understand that this is just extra income and will not make you rich.

  2. Can you use it on mobile?

    Using a GPT site on mobile can be a wonderful way to earn no matter where you are. Therefore, I prefer when a site is mobile optimized or has an app that makes it comfortable to use on mobile devices.AdSitalSolution’s website is optimized for mobile–just not fully.

  3. Can you get support?

    If you should need help, AdSitalSolution offers several ways.It has a platform where you can ask questions or see if they have already answered your question. It also has a section with video tutorials showing you how to use the site. Finally, you can also contact support through a form on the website or Facebook.

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