Loot TV Review 2 Routes to Make Money on Loot TV

Loot TV Review | 2 Routes to Make Money on Loot TV


Loot TV is a GTP site that pays you to watch videos passively and complete different offers. They are most well known for their lootably offer wall, which you can find on multiple GPT sites, but you can meet lootably offers and watch videos directly on their site. Although you can do things on their site, you need to link it to a GPT site to cash out your earnings. Their site claims 10 points = $0.01, but the actual rate you receive will depend on the site you cash out to.

What is Loot TV?

Loot TV is a video content-sharing forum that rewards you for watching videos. It’s the same as watching videos on YouTube for free, but gaining paid-in points instead.

It’s pretty similar to HideoutTV, and if you’ve joined other GPT sites before, you’ve probably seen these two sites on their offer walls.

You will also support the creators in the same process, which is a nice gesture and at no cost to you.

Your points will transfer to your GPT site of choice to get paid.

How Does Loot TV work?

Watch videos as you like on YouTube or other video platforms while logged in, and you will start accumulating points in your account.

When you are prepared to cash out your points for real money, you can transfer your points to a GPT site and withdraw your earnings from the GPT site.

How To Earn Money On Loot TV

There are two routes to make money on Loot TV

Make money by watching videos

The primary way to earn from Loot.tv is to watch videos. All you have to accomplish is log in to the site (assuming you’ve already registered, of course), and you will immediately see all the videos you can watch to earn rewards.

But earning from this opportunity isn’t as simple as hitting the play button.

The first thing you need to do before you watch videos is to disable the ad blocker of your browser (and antivirus if applicable). Once done, you can begin watching videos.

Now, you won’t get paid to watch the video. In reality, you’ll be paid to watch the ads shown while watching a video. These ads will sometimes appear at the video’s beginning, middle, or end or any combination of those three.

That’s all there is to it. Now, sometimes, videos won’t have any ads. That would mean you won’t make anything from it. It is the one main downsides of this opportunity, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

So you move on to the following video. I experienced this a few times when I was testing the site.

How many videos with ads will you get? It depends on your country, but I will explore this later.

There’s just one thing about this opportunity, though. To earn from watching videos, make at least 10 Loot.tv points first–however, this seems to only be in some countries.

Make money by Paid offers

Another way to make money from Loot.tv is to complete their paid offers. If you are a member of other GPT sites earlier, you’ll be familiar with this earning opportunity. If you haven’t yet, let me explain what paid offers are.

Paid offers are just short tasks you can do to achieve rewards. These tasks usually require answering surveys and quizzes, watching videos, playing games, downloading mobile apps, and signing up for specific websites.

To work on an offer, click it, and it will open a new browser tab which will take you to the site you need to work on. Before you click the offer, ensure you understand what it asks you to do.

 The GrabPoints offer will invite you to join GrabPoints and earn 1,000 points. You must fulfil those conditions before receiving the reward (shown in the green button on the right side of the offer).

Once you’ve fulfilled all the conditions, you will receive the reward, which will be credited to your Loot TV account balance.

However, they don’t have a lot of paid offers compared to other GPT sites, and it is also mainly known as a platform to earn by watching videos.

How To Redeem Your Points For Rewards?

You can recover your bonus points by clicking on the left navigation menu. Toggle the menu if it’s minimized by clicking the three lines. Next, click “redeem” on the navigation bar.

From here, you notice you need to link a GPT site account to Loot.tv before being able to cash out your points.

Is Loot TV Legit?

Yes, Loot TV is legit, and I have cashed out many times. Other users have had similar experiences as I have, which speak numerals about their reputation.

Even though the content is limited to only two genres, I don’t find the experience much different from other video content platforms.


  1. Is Loot.tv Available On Mobile and Tablet Devices?

    You can access Loot.tv on mobile and tablet devices running any operating system with a web browser.

  2. Are There Sites Similar To Loot.tv?

    Yes, there is! I created a post about how to get paid to watch videos online that you can read here. This post includes a couple of different video sites where you can earn points, similarly to Loot.tv.

  3. Is Loot.tv Free?

    Yes, Loot.tv is free to use. Instead, they pay you for watching videos.

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