Earnhoney com app reviews 4 Easy Ways to Make Money with EarnHoney

Earnhoney com app reviews | 4 Easy Ways to Make Money with EarnHoney


EarnHoney is a GPT Program, claiming it pays its members more than any other GPT site, at over 50% of their earnings. Earn points by completing various online tasks and exchanging them for cash rewards, Cryptocurrency and e-gift certificates.

What is EarnHoney?

EarnHoney is a familiar get-paid to site. You can make money by doing various activities, including surveys, signing up for offers, and watching videos.

Signing Up for EarnHoney

Signing up for EarnHoney is entirely free. New members receive a bonus of 30 HD$ (Honey Dollars) if they watch the 1-minute tutorial and answer two easy questions about it. Earn ten more HD$ for taking a few extra minutes to fill out the profile survey.

To get the most out of the site, we recommend referring all your friends to EarnHoney. Refer friends to the site, and you’ll earn 10% of their earnings for life.

EarnHoney Rewards

There are four options for redemption. You can redeem it for a Visa gift card, Amazon card, or PayPal deposit.

You can also donate your profits to a charity of your choice.

It takes 50 OPTin to get a $5 card or deposit, but discounts now allow you to get a $5 card for 48.5 OPTIn.

How Can You make money with EarnHoney?

There have multiple ways to earn with EarnHoney.

Make money by watching videos at EarnHoney.

The most extensive section on EarnHoney is where you can earn by watching videos.

You can choose to watch videos in different categories, so you should be able to find some exciting videos no matter what you are interested in.

There are videos you can watch that are significantly like the videos you can watch in other places. For example, ads, news and more are available. They are worth a few cents each.

Make money by Offers at EarnHoney.

You may already know how these work, but just in case you don’t, offers are typically the way to make the most money on these sites.

The catch is that you may have to spend cash or, at the very least, give up your credit card details.

These are usually trial subscriptions or something similar. You can sign up, earn money, and cancel the subscription, but you will be charged if you forget.

Sometimes these are worth it if it is something you were going to try or sign up for, anyway. Or if you are good at remembering to cancel. But you have to know you may have to pay cash to make money with offers.

Make money through Surveys at EarnHoney.

Of course, this is where most people like to pay their time, but I was very disappointed that I did not have a single survey available.

According to the website, they run very similarly to other survey sites, but I cannot verify.

Frequently, surveys pay between 50 cents and $3, which varies depending on the demographics required, length, and topic of the survey.

Some long surveys pay little, and some short surveys pay more. However, it all comes down to how much whoever puts out the survey wants to pay.

Make money through Referrals at EarnHoney.

On the surface, this is one of the better referral programs. There are two different programs.

The first one is for users that like to share with their friends. You earn 10% of the earnings of everyone who signs up at your referral link between life.

The other option is to become a Brand Ambassador for those who make a living on referrals. It offers to 15% of the earnings of those that sign up at your link.

Earnings depend on hitting the standards for that level. The levels are:

TierNew UsersTotal Earnings for Group (in OPTin)Referral %
Noble Bee25100,00013
King Bee50300,00014
Queen Bee100500,00015

You must meet both benchmarks to earn a level, so if you earn 100,000 but only sign up 20 members, you will make the NuBee rate.

You are the face of the company and will be banned for violating the terms and conditions.

How do you get paid from EarnHoney?

If you want to try EarnHoney, knowing what payout methods it offers is essential. For example, you do not want to earn only to find out it does not provide payout methods you like.

EarnHoney Payout terms.

Does its payout, and what are the payment terms?

  • The percentage of Honey Dollars to cash is 100:1, showing that for every 100 HD$, you make a mere dollar.
  • Lower paying offers give out Nectars, partisan HD$.
  • 9 Nectar equal 1 HD$ (100 HD$ = $1).
  • Amazon Gift cards, PayPal, and Top Charities start as low as $5


  1. How do I contact EarnHoney customer support?

    Submit a request on support.earnhoney.com

  2. Can I transfer HoneyDollar$ to a friend?

    The option to transfer HoneyDollar$ to another account is not available now.

  3. Can I redeem my HoneyDollar$ for cash?

    EarnHoney does not offer a direct exchange of your HoneyDollar$ for cash.

  4. Who is eligible to use www.EarnHoney.com?

    EarnHoney is Now available to visitors from the United States only. Developers are working on increasing advertising partners in Canada and the United Kingdom to accept users from these two countries. As we grow our partners, we will open new markets.

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