FamilyClix - 7 Easy Ways You Can Make Money
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FamilyClix – 7 Easy Ways You Can Make Money


If you like to make money online through Surveys, GPT, PTC and Reward sites, then a site named FamilyClix will pay you for clicking ads viewing ads and completing another simple and easy task online. Let me help you find out about FamilyClix and guide you in the right direction to make money online.

What is FamilyClix?

FamilyClix is a PTC site that rewards you for viewing ads and completing offers. They launched it in September 2014. It has plenty of ads you can view. It also offers different opportunities to earn extra bucks from paid offers, paid surveys, sign-up offers, bonus games, flip the coin, clixgrid clone, and referral programs.

How to sign up From FamilyClix?

How to sign up From FamilyClix?

Signing up is also a very simple process. All you have to do is fill out the registration form. Once you finish that, you can log in to the dashboard and earn.

1. Make money by Paid Offers From FamilyClix.

Paid Offers are another way to earn money with FamilyClix is performing simple tasks like signing up for a website, playing games, answering quizzes, downloading apps, and so on.

Paid offers are one of the most comfortable methods to make money. You must follow the instructions that reach with each offer. Sometimes you must watch the video for a few seconds or sign up for an offer with your credentials.

2. Make money by Paid Surveys From FamilyClix.

If you want to attempt surveys, remember that you might only qualify for some surveys you try.

2. Make money by Paid Surveys From FamilyClix.

You may only qualify for a survey if your demographic matches the survey’s requirements. It also regards your gender, age, hobbies and other specialities on which you get selected. So it is important to fill in the profile surveys honestly .

You will instantly be screened out if you attempt to fill in the incorrect information.

Fill the profile in as much detail as possible to get more surveys. Your profile is the bottom on which you will bring all future surveys. You must fill in all the details about yourself, your family, your hobbies, your education, etc.

3. Make money by View Ads From FamilyClix.

View ads are one of the favoured parts of PTC sites. It’s an entertaining way to earn some quick cents. You will earn a small amount, but if you like to watch an advertisement, it’s a sound option.

3. Make money by View Ads From FamilyClix.

FamilyClix provides you with different options for earning through ads like Standard ads, Bonus Ads, Micro Ads, Tiny Ads, Mini Ads, and Extended Ads. Though the ad forms are different, you must click on an ad and wait 10 seconds before closing it.

Though there are the tiniest ads per people, it’s a straightforward and immediately paid option. You must click on the ad; it will open in another window. You must solve a captcha to prove that you have watched the advertisement. Not only that, but you will earn immediately.

4. Paid-To-Sign-Up Offers From FamilyClix.

You can make money on FamilyClix by signing up on certain sites. This is a straightforward earning opportunity. You must click and see the offer details on the Paid-To-Sign-Up (PTSU) page and follow the instructions.

4. Paid-To-Sign-Up Offers From FamilyClix.

Usually, each PTSU offer will invite you to submit evidence that you have registered to the site. This is usually done by delivering a screenshot of the finished registration.

It can be a combination of any ad as long as the total arrives at 150. You will know if you’ve got that requirement because when you see the PTSU page, you will visit all the offers available.

5. Make money by Bonus Game From FamilyClix.

There are also constant games you can play on PTC sites that will let you make rewards. In FamilyClix’s case, you can play their bonus game to win special rewards.

5. Make money by Bonus Game From FamilyClix.

The idea is pretty simple. All you have to do is click the Click To Play button. It will then generate a random result. You can win banner credits or a certain amount to purchase ads on the site. You can even win a certain amount credited directly to your account balance.

However, don’t expect to win anything significant from this game; you can only play this game once per day.

Each play will trigger a pop advertisement, so let the ad finish loading before you close it and see the result. Do not use an adblocker.

6. Make money by ClixGrid game From FamilyClix.

Most PTC sites offer a grid game you can play. FamilyClix is no different. Here, it is called the ClixGrid Clone. The idea is simple. Click anywhere on the picture and win up to $0.050 directly into your account balance.

6. Make money by ClixGrid game From FamilyClix.

Each click will open up a sponsor’s site that you will keep viewing for up to 10 seconds. After this time, you will know whether you are a winner.

You will have 20 opportunities per day to unlock grids. It will reset daily at midnight server time. You can boost your daily events by upgrading your membership.

7. Make money by Refer A Friend From FamilyClix.

FamilyClix has a refer-a-friend option where you can share your referral link with others, and when anyone joins with your link, they become your referral.

7. Make money by Refer A Friend From FamilyClix.

The referral program of FamilyClix is difficult. They need to click four standards and extended ads daily to earn from your referral. You will lose any earnings from them if they are inactive, so expect little from referring a friend program of FamilyClix.

How do you get paid From FamilyClix?

You can get paid via PayPal, Payza, or Neteller. You may order a payment once you have earned $2 in your account balance. But if you use Neteller, the lowest payout is $5. The only request below $5 is if you select Neteller. Otherwise, it will be repaid.

As a free member, you can redeem $2 every week. This is their limit. But you can raise this limitation by upgrading your membership.

It would help if you remembered that there would be a transaction fee per withdrawal when withdrawing your earnings. So, expect to get only the full amount you requested.


  1. Is FamilyClix legit?

    FamilyClix is a legit site, but it has very limited earning potential.

  2. Who Can Join FamilyClix?

    FamilyClix is available globally, and anyone can join it. Anyone of the age of 16 can join the site.

  3. Can you use it on mobile?

    PTC sites are rarely really suited for mobile use due to the nature of the offers available.

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