GPTBee - Make Money With Surveys – Paid to Click – 3 More Easy Ways
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GPTBee – Make Money With Surveys – Paid to Click – 3 More Easy Ways


Rewards sites are now a popular way to make money online. GPTBee is one such reward site that will pay you for doing simple online tasks. You can make money with GPTBee the sites allow you to make some extra bucks with your free time.

What is GPTBee?

GPTBee is a GPT reward site that offers many free ways to earn extra money online. They found it in 2012. The company behind the site is in India, but it allows members to join worldwide. The company behind it is the same company behind the platform ThinkOpinion.

The two sites are very similar, so if you are a member of one, the other will, look very familiar.

As GPTbee is a GPT site, it offers several ways to earn, so let’s go over all the options, and how good each option is, so you can find out if it has what you are looking for.

How to join GPTBee?

To become a member of GPTBee, you must fill out the registration form and click on the sign-up button.

How to join GPTBee?

It also asks you to provide your postal code. Once you complete the registration form, you can log in to their site and start making money.

How to make money from GPTBee?

1. Make money through paid surveys from GPTBee.

Paid surveys are one of the primary ways to make money on GPTbee.
It is not the most user-friendly survey site, so finding out how to navigate and find the survey options.

1. Make money through paid surveys from GPTBee.

All three options have different survey opportunities. So if you want to bring surveys on GPTbee, it can be a good opinion to look through them.

It has quite a lot of survey opportunities. However, how many depend a lot on the country you live in.

The rewards per survey are decent, but they are not among the top-paying survey sites, even though some surveys pay decently compared to other sites.

The paid surveys on GPT bee are a real way to earn, but you will not qualify for all the surveys, so sometimes it can take patience to find the surveys you are eligible for.

And when you first join, it will probably take time to figure out how to navigate the site, as it can be confusing.

2. Make money by Sign Up for offers from GPTBee.

GPTbee has a section with Paid to Sign Up offers. This means you can notice a list of different GPT sites or equivalents, and if you go and sign up for them through the link on GPTbee, you will earn a small reward.

The list is, nevertheless, concise, and the rewards need to be higher for this. So there are more profitable methods to make money on GPTbee.
But if you want ideas for other similar sites to sign up for, you can get some inspiration in that section.

3. Make money by clicking ads from GPTBee.

Paid to Click (PTC) is a section where you can make money by clicking ads and visiting specific websites. On GPTbee, the rewards are also low, and there are extremely few PTC opportunities. So it is a way to make a small amount of money. But if you are on the site anyway, it takes a little time to check this section.

However, compared to other sites that offer PTC, the option on GPT bee could be more user-friendly.

Usually, you will have a timer and see precisely how long you need to visit a site to get paid – that is not the case on GPT bee.

There is no timer. All it says is that you must wait for the site to load completely. Also, you cannot always find PTC options on GPT bee, so be reassured if you do not see any options in that section.

4. Make money by Offer walls from GPTBee.

Most GPT sites have a good preference for paid offer walls. That is also the case for GPTbee they have a vast selection of offer walls.

4. Make money by Offer walls from GPTBee.

You can see some great offers here to increase your revenues. But read the requirements for each offer carefully, as some of them could be more useful.

5. Make money by inviting friends to join.

You can also make money by requesting others to join GPT bee. You will earn a 15% commission of what your level 1 referral earn and 5% on level 2 referrals.

This will not act the incomes of the people you request, but is paid by GPT bee. As you know, many people are interested in joining and using the platform actively. It can be an excellent way to earn extra.

6. Make money with GPTbee promo codes from GPTBee.

When you are logged into GPTbee, you can discover a section where you can add a promo code to bring free points.

According to the site, you can regularly find these promo codes on their Facebook page.
So there are better ways to earn a lot. But if you are a member, it can be a way to earn a few free points once in a bit, but as it is now, it will bring quite a bit of patience.

How do you get paid from GPTBee?

How do you get paid from GPTBee?How do you get paid from GPTBee?

There are several ways to earn on GPT bee but to find out if it is the right place for you, it is also necessary to know how you will get paid.

When you make on GPT bee, you make points, which they call honey. You can exchange this honey for cash. You can reach out in several ways. The exact payout methods can vary from country to country, but some are PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Skrill, PayTM, and Flipkart gift cards. One honey point equals $0.01

GPTBee Payout threshold.

The lowest payout threshold depends on your chosen payout method. If you use PayPal, you can get a payout already when you have reached $3. For Amazon, $5. For Skrill, the threshold is $10. This varies a bit from country to country. But overall, some relatively low payout thresholds no matter your chosen reward, so it should take a short time to get paid. If you are a new member, you will bring the cash on hand within 3–7 business days after ordering a payout. As a verified member, you will usually get paid within 24 hours.


  1. Can you use it on mobile?

    You can use GPTbee on mobile, which suggests it is possible to utilize it to make money.

  2. Who can join GPTbee?

    GPTbee is open to all countries worldwide, which is great. But not all countries have the same opportunities.

  3. Is GPTbee a legit site?

    No doubt that GPTbee is a legit site, and it is a natural way to earn some extra money online.

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