McMoney Review – Make Money For Receiving Text Messages Isn't 100% True!

McMoney Review – Make Money For Receiving Text Messages Isn’t 100% True!


Welcome to this review of McMoney, a beer money app that pays users for receiving SMS text messages. McMoney is a unique app that seeks to improve telecommunications networks by eliminating SMS delivery fraud. Users who register their phone numbers with Mc Money can expect to receive random strings of characters and numbers via text message, for which they are paid a small amount. While Mc Money offers a low minimum payout of $1 via PayPal, the app’s earning potential is limited due to the small number of texts users typically receive. This review will look closer at McMoney’s earning potential, registration process, payout options, and overall worthiness as a beer money app.

What Is McMoney?

McMoney is a mobile application that pays users to receive SMS messages. The app aims to test and improve mobile operations by allowing users to receive notifications that help mobile operators work together more effectively. Every message the user gets earns them real money, making it a paid SMS app. By participating in Mc Money, users can earn money while contributing to improving mobile networks.

How Does McMoney Work?

McMoney is a mobile app that pays users to receive SMS messages. By allowing Mc Money to send text messages to your phone, you help test and improve mobile operations, which allows mobile operators to work together more effectively. Each message received adds money to your Mc Money account, with the amount varying depending on the country you’re in and the mobile operator you use.

To start earning money with McMoney, you need to download the app’s APK since it’s no longer available on the Google Play Store. You can download the APK file from McMoney’s website and install the app manually on your Android phone.

Overall, McMoney is a straightforward way to earn some extra cash. However, the earning potential may not be significant, and the app may not be available in all countries or with all mobile operators. In the following sections, we will explore the earning potential and whether McMoney is worth it.

How To Install and Download McMoney’s APK?

As mentioned earlier, McMoney is unavailable on the Google Play Store, so you need to download the APK file from McMoney’s website to install it manually on your Android phone. Here’s how to download and install the app:

Download McMoney's APK

Go to McMoney’s website ( on your Android phone’s browser.

Download McMoney's APK
  • Click on the “Download McMoney” button on the homepage.
  • This will download the APK file to your phone’s download folder.
  • Once the download is complete, locate the APK file in your download folder and click on it to start the installation process.
  • Your phone may display a warning message about installing apps from unknown sources. Click on “Allow” to proceed with the installation.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

As noted, the process is similar to installing Cash Magnet and other APK files and is not too complicated. However, remember that installing apps from unknown sources can be a security risk, so trust the start of the APK file before installing it.

How To Register Phone Number at McMoney For Earn Money?

To earn money with McMoney, you must register your phone number with the app to receive text messages and get paid. However, Mc Money can only support limited amounts of users in specific countries. If the user limit has been reached for your country, you won’t be able to register now.

Countries with many market research opportunities, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe, are more likely to be eligible for registration. However, other countries may have fewer opportunities due to less money testing telecommunication networks.

Overall, McMoney is a global beer money app with users worldwide, so it’s worth checking if your country is eligible for registration. If it is, you should be able to register without a problem and start earning money by receiving SMS messages on your phone.

How To Get Texts & Earn Cash from McMoney?

Once you register your phone number with McMoney, the app will let you receive SMS text messages at random intervals. These messages are part of an application that uses SMS messages to eliminate SMS delivery fraud in global telecommunications.

The type of SMS messages you receive are just strings of random characters and numbers, and you don’t need to reply or verify that you’ve received them in any way. Each SMS message you receive generally pays a few pennies, and the amount of SMS messages you receive within a given week varies.

According to Mc Money, the best way to ensure you get more messages is to keep a stable internet connection with your phone. However, in some cases, you may receive only a few texts per week, which may not be worth the low payments for some users.

Ultimately, the earning potential of McMoney depends on how many text messages you receive and how much each text pays. Some users may find the payments too low for the effort required to receive and delete the messages, while others may find it a worthwhile source of passive income.

How to Cash Out From McMoney?

Download McMoney's APK

One positive aspect of McMoney is that it allows users to cash out their earnings through PayPal, a more flexible payment option than random free gift cards offered by some other apps. Additionally, the minimum withdrawal amount through PayPal is typically low, ranging from $1 to $6, depending on the country.

However, it’s worth noting that the low withdrawal minimum doesn’t necessarily mean that Mc Money is a great earning opportunity. The app’s low payouts and the fact that users may only receive a few texts per week mean it may take a while to accumulate enough earnings to reach the minimum withdrawal amount. Additionally, some users may find the effort required to receive and delete the texts not worth the small payments.

While Mc Money offers a flexible payment option and a low minimum withdrawal amount, it may not be the most efficient or profitable way to earn extra cash.


  1. Is McMoney available for iOS devices?

    No, McMoney is only available for Android devices. The app is not available on the Apple App Store.

  2. How much can I earn with McMoney?

    The amount you can earn with McMoney is relatively low. You will receive a few pennies for each text message, and the number of messages you receive may vary. You’ll unlikely earn more than a few dollars per month with this app.

  3. Will McMoney send me spam messages?

    No, McMoney does not send spam messages. The messages you receive are part of the app’s testing process and are designed to help mobile operators improve their services. The messages do not contain any promotional content or advertisements.

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