Money RAWR App Review – Best App To Earn Money By Playing Games

Money RAWR App Review – Best App To Earn Money By Playing Games


Have you noticed there are tons of apps available on the Google Play Store that offer cash rewards for playing video games? One such popular app is Money RAWR. Money RAWR App is a legit app that pays you for testing mobile games. This can be a decent app if you like to play mobile games.

What is MoneyRAWR App?

MoneyRAWR is a mobile-only rewards platform that aims to pay you for participating in their offers. The Money RAWR app is a popular platform designed to allow users to play games for free. Its members also use the mobile platform to earn redeemable rewards.
The app is available to Android phone users. You can download it from the Google Play Store. The app is not currently available to iOS users. Money Rawr is an app that allows you to play mobile games or complete surveys for gift cards or Money.

How to join MoneyRAWR App?

Once you have downloaded the app, you start by taking the Terms of Service and selecting which account you would like to use for authentication. You can use a Facebook or Google account or register with another email address.

Once you have shown up, you’re invited to give Money Rawr App approval to access your usage data by clicking the “Grand” button. This will bring you to your user access settings screen on your Android device.

Make money by Game App Testing at Money RAWR App.

Once you’ve downloaded and logged in to the app, you will be asked to test mobile game apps. You have to play it to earn coins. You will immediately see all the game app testing offers available.

Make money by Game App Testing

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you have to play it to make mCoins All you have to do is click on an offer. The longer you actively use an app, the more Coins you will earn. Using the app for a considerable amount of time is in your best stake to make more coins.

Make money by Game App Testing

All the app offers you will be founded on your interests, the apps you have already installed and the country you live in. The availability of game offers will vary from country to nation. So, keep that in mind before you register.

All the games are free to download, though. So, you won’t have to worry about any investment in the app store you need to make.

Once the app is downloaded, it’s necessary to remember to open the app from within Money Rawr. This allows the app to track the data of how many game levels you finish and the length of time you play.

Fair warning, though. This app contains ads. So, don’t be alarmed if an ad keeps appearing while using it.

Make Money by playing mobile games at Money RAWR App.

Make Money by playing mobile games.

You can also earn coins by playing mobile games. Raising the coins total at the base of the home screen displays how many total coins you have and an analysis of how you reached them. It shows which apps you played and how many coins you have arrived at from the point you registered an account (which supplies a 1,800 coin reward) to the present.

Make Money by Referral Program at Money RAWR App.

You also earn additional coins by inviting friends to join the platform. When you invite your friends to join Money RAWR, you can earn more coins.

Whenever a friend joins through your link, you will receive 250 coins plus 25% of all their earnings. The cool thing about this referral program is that your friend will earn 25% of what you make for life.

How To Increase Your Earnings at Money RAWR App.

To increase your revenues on this site, it’s necessary to share information about as many of your interests as you can.

You’ll only be shown games that match your interests, so if you only share a few of them, you’ll narrow the pool of games you can choose from.

How do you get paid from Money RAWR App?

How do you get paid?

As mentioned, every offer you make on Money RAWR will earn you coins. These are just points you can use to redeem rewards.

You can convert your mCoins to PayPal money or gift cards from Amazon or Google Play. The minimum amount you can redeem is $10 on any reward. That will require 8099 points.

The threshold is relatively low. So, it is certainly doable.

The good thing about their payment system is they offer PayPal as a payment method. Only a few apps do that.


  1. Can you use it on a desktop?

    The platform is mobile-only. So, you will need to use your mobile device to earn since you can't do it on a laptop or desktop.

  2. What Money Are Rawr Games On The App?

    Money Rawr offers a wide variety of games. Some examples are casino games like WSOP Texas Hold 'em, puzzle games like Braindoku etc.

  3. How Long Does Money Rawr Take To Send The Money?

    According to reviews in the Google Play store, initial payouts, once requested, happen as quickly as 6 to 30 hours.

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