Digiwards App – Make Money by Playing Games and 3 Easy Tasks
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Digiwards App – Make Money by Playing Games and 3 Easy Tasks


If you are looking for a make-money app or want a play-to-earn game. If you want to make money online by playing games, games, Digiwards is an app claiming you can earn money. Also, there are multiple other opportunities to make money online with Digiwards App.

What is Digiwards App?

Digiwards is a Get-Paid-To app that will pay you for playing mobile games and participating in the other earning options it presents. And yes, it is a legit app because you can earn money from the opportunities it provides.

How to make money Digiwards App?

So, Here’s How to Earn from Digiwards App.

1. Make money by solving the captcha from Digiwards App.

Make money by solving the captcha from Digiwards App.

One of the ways to earn from Digiwards is by solving captchas. However, this opportunity is a competition between you and another member of Digiwards.

You can contest with other partners and solve as many captchas as potential in one minute to win rewards.

What will occur is that when you do this earning option, you will be paired with another Digiwards member. Then both of you will be provided 60 seconds to reword as many captchas as possible.

After the time is up, whoever solves the most captchas will win and get more points. The loser will only get 5 points.

You will require to use a ticket to participate in this earning option. You will be given 20 free tickets when you sign up, but you will make more tickets by doing short tasks.

It’s an impressive way to make money, but as described above, there’s no guarantee you will be able to make many points from it.

Be extremely fast at solving captchas to win a sizeable number of points for it to be a good move.

2. Make money by Offerwalls from Digiwards App.

Digiwards has a few offerwalls you can work on to make more rewards.

Make money by Offerwalls from Digiwards App.

These paid offers usually request you to answer surveys and quizzes, watch videos, play other mobile games, and sign up for websites or mobile apps. Every offer will have a set of instructions you must follow.

Make sure not to skip a step because if you do, you will not be able to finish the offer and won’t make anything. Normally, with GPT sites and apps that offer this possibility, you will usually find roughly 10 to 20 offerwalls.

But with Digiwards, you will only find around five offerwalls, which is quite a small number. This will greatly affect the earning possibility because there won’t be as many options to make money.

3. Make money by playing games from Digiwards App.

As mentioned before, you can also make money by playing other mobile games. Just log in to the app and click the Playtime option. This will take you to a different platform called Playtime.

Make money by Playing games from Digiwards App

You will see all the featured mobile games you can play on this platform. Every game will inform you how many points you can make from it. All you have to do is install the game you like and go via this platform to open the game.

That’s a powerful step because that is how Playtime will be able to track your improvement and award you the proper number of points. You will earn the predicted number of points every time you gain a level in your game.

When you’ve reached the highest number of points, you will stop receiving any reward if you level up. So, if you want to maximize your earnings, you must play a different game.

This method is designed to make you play different games because that is how Digiwards earns.

4. Make money in Referral Program from Digiwards App.

Lastly, you can also make additional rewards through its referral program. All you have to do is invite people to the app by sharing your invite code. When they sign up for the app and deliver your code, they will receive 1,000 points as a reward.

On your end, you will get 250 coins instantly and receive a 20% commission every time your referral completes a paid offer from their offerwalls. It’s a decent way to earn passively, but you must ensure you invite people interested in earning.

How do you get paid from Digiwards App?

You will make points from the earning opportunities presented by Digiwards. Then, you can use the points you’ve made to cash out various rewards.
The payment methods available will vary depending on your country, but the most common option is PayPal.

How do you get paid from Digiwards App?

you can make a PayPal withdrawal when you’ve earned 20,000 coins. That will be worth $2, a very low payout threshold. Overall, the payment system of Digiwards is relatively simple, and I like that it offers a convenient payment method like PayPal.


  1. Is Digiwards App Legit?

    Digiwards App is a legit app because you will be able to earn money from the earning opportunities it offers.

  2. How much money can you make?

    You can earn around 1,000 to 2,000 points per survey.

  3. Can you use it on a desktop?

    Digiwards is a mobile-only platform, so you cannot use it on a desktop. You will have to use a mobile device to earn from it.

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