Payadcoin Review - Earn By Watching Video Ads With 2 Easy Ways
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Payadcoin Review – Earn By Watching Video Ads With 2 Easy Ways


Payadcoin is an online platform where you can earn money through investments, tasks, and referrals. With investment packages ranging from $100 to $30,000, you can earn 1% to 2% returns on your investment. Engage in simple tasks like watching ads to make money and receive bonus commissions of up to 50% when you refer others to the platform. Choose from withdrawal options like Western Union, Bitcoin, PayPal, or Bank account transfers, with a minimum withdrawal amount of $100. Start your journey towards online earnings with Payadcoin.

What is Payadcoin?

Payadcoin is an online platform that promises users the opportunity to earn money by watching ads and participating in referral programs. They advertise themselves as a platform that can help you become financially fit by providing an alternative to tech giants like Facebook and YouTube, who they claim deduct a significant portion of ad revenue.

What is Payadcoin?

According to Payadcoin, approximately 53% of the global population has internet access, and almost all internet users, around 99%, are exposed to ads. However, the digital advertising industry reportedly pays only 5% of users. Payadcoin aims to change this by offering users payment for every ad they watch, a lucrative prospect for regular users.

However, despite being in operation for over 1.5 months, Payadcoin is experiencing difficulties. When attempting to access the website by typing in the URL, users encounter an error message instead.

How to Earn from Payadcoin?

Payadcoin is an online platform offering multiple avenues for earning money, including investment opportunities and various tasks. Users can choose from two primary methods of earning on the platform.

The first method involves investing your money, where you can earn up to 2% of your income based on the amount you invest. This allows users to generate passive income from their investments.

The second method involves completing basic tasks like viewing ads and other similar activities. By engaging in these tasks, users can earn money directly.

Additionally, Payadcoin offers a referral program where users can recommend the platform to other potential investors. If a recommended investor joins and makes an investment, the referring user can earn up to 50% of the investment made by the referred individual.

Through these various earning opportunities, Payadcoin aims to provide users with multiple channels to generate income on their platform.

1. Make money through investment packages From Payadcoin.

On the Payadcoin platform, users can earn by making investments. The site offers various investment packages ranging from $100 to $30,000. Depending on the amount invested, users can earn a return of 1% to 2% based on their investment.

There are two methods available for making investments on the site. The first method involves using a bank account to deposit funds, while the second method allows users to deposit the corresponding amount of Bitcoin into their account. Users must first register and create an account to invest in the site.

Once an investment is made and the user becomes a registered site member, they can start earning money. Users can earn up to 2% of the amount they invested on the site by watching ads.

Payadcoin aims to provide users with a way to generate income on their platform by providing these investment opportunities and the ability to earn through ad-watching.

2. Make money by Viewing Ads From Payadcoin.

To earn a percentage of your investment on Payadcoin, it is necessary to watch ads daily for 200 days. These ads are available on the site at 10:00 AM Romanian time from Monday to Friday.

However, it’s important to note that users can only watch one ad per day, regardless of how many ads may be available. If an individual has invested $100, they will receive $1 for each of the 200 working days. On the other hand, if the investment exceeds $100, users can earn 2% of their income daily.

It’s worth considering that even if users watch more than one ad, they will still earn only 1% to 2% of their daily investment. Investing just $100 in the site may not be the most recommended option since the potential daily earnings of $1 to $2 may be insignificant compared to other investment opportunities elsewhere. It’s advisable to explore alternative sources of investment that offer higher returns.

3. Make money by Referral Program From Payadcoin.

The referral program on Payadcoin allows registered users to refer the platform to others using their unique referral link. When someone clicks on the referral link and invests in the site, the referring user can receive a bonus commission.

As a registered user on the site, you will receive your referral link, a custom URL unique to you. When someone clicks on your referral link and makes an investment, you will receive a commission bonus of 50% alongside your regular income.

The new investor must invest at least $100 to qualify for the bonus commission. Once this requirement is met, you will receive a bonus commission of $50 in addition to your regular earnings.

By leveraging the referral program and sharing your referral link, you can earn additional income through commissions when new investors join the platform using your referral link and meet the minimum investment threshold.

How to Withdraw from Payadcoin?

Payadcoin provides several methods for users to withdraw their earned income from the site, including options such as Western Union, Bitcoin, PayPal, and Bank account transfers.

To be eligible for a withdrawal, users must have earned a minimum of $100. Once this threshold is reached, users can initiate a withdrawal request. However, it’s important to note that the site applies a 10% service charge on all withdrawals.

For example, if a user requests a withdrawal of $100, they will only receive $90 after the 10% service charge deduction. This service charge is subtracted from the total withdrawal amount, ensuring that users receive 90% of their earnings.

Users can choose their preferred withdrawal method and request the withdrawal once they have accumulated the minimum amount required. Considering the 10% service charge when planning withdrawals is essential, and factor it into the final amount you expect to receive.


  1. How much can I earn from my investment?

    The earning potential from your investment in Payadcoin ranges from 1% to 2% based on the amount invested. The higher your investment, the higher your potential earnings.

  2. Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?

    Yes, the minimum amount required for withdrawal is $100. Once you reach this threshold, you can request a withdrawal.

  3. Are there any charges for withdrawals?

    Payadcoin applies a 10% service charge on all withdrawals. For example, if you request a withdrawal of $100, you will receive $90 after deducting the service charge.

  4. Can I earn additional income through referrals?

    Yes, Payadcoin offers a referral program. By sharing your referral link and having others invest through it, you can earn a bonus commission of up to 50% of your investment.

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