Spin for Cash – Earn by Playing 100% Easy Spin Games

Spin for Cash – Earn by Playing 100% Easy Spin Games


Spin for Cash is a popular app that allows users to earn money by playing games, completing tasks, and spinning roulette wheels. Formerly known as Spin For Cash, this rewarding app allows users to accumulate and redeem points for Cash. With the promise of a risk-free earning experience, Spin for Points provides various avenues to earn points and withdraw funds via PayPal or Bitcoin. Let’s explore how you can maximize your earnings and enjoy the benefits of this engaging application.

What is Spin For Cash?

Spin For Cash, now known as Spin for Points, has gained popularity as a rewarding app where users can earn money by engaging in games, spinning roulette, and completing diverse tasks.

What is Spin For Cash?

The app’s creators assure users that they can accumulate funds effortlessly through wheel spins without any associated risks. Aside from spinning wheels, additional avenues exist to earn and convert points into Cash. This article will explore the different methods for earning points and withdrawing funds from the Spin for Points app.

How To Get Started Earning from Spin For Cash?

To begin earning from the Spin for Points application, the initial step is downloading the app from the Google Play Store. After successful installation, you can register using your email address or your official Facebook account.

While both registration options are available, linking your account to Facebook is advisable. This allows for the convenient saving of your progress within the app. However, exercise caution and ensure that the app does not gain control over any other applications or contacts associated with your Facebook account.

Upon completing the registration process, you are now fully equipped to start earning through the Spin for Points application.

How to Play Spin for Cash App?

Playing Spin for Points is straightforward. All you need to do is spin the wheel within the game and patiently wait to see if you win any rewards. In addition to spinning the wheel, you can earn coins and tokens by playing the Slots feature and exchanging them for their equivalent value.

What is Spin For Cash?

To provide context, one coin can be exchanged for 10 million points. If you’re willing to invest in the application, you also have the option to purchase tokens for $100. The core gameplay revolves around spinning the wheel repeatedly until you either exhaust your available funds or achieve a win from the slot.

It’s worth noting that the first three wheel spins, starting from the leftmost wheel, always offer a chance to win something. As for the fourth and final wheel, it consistently presents an opportunity for a potential reward. While you can spin the wheel up to 10 times, it’s important to remember that if you exhaust your spins, you’ll need to wait for a certain period before they replenish.

By understanding these dynamics, you can maximize your experience with Spin for Points and increase your chances of earning rewards.

How do You Get Paid From Spin For Cash?

The developer of Spin for Points provides two payment options for cashing out your earnings: PayPal and Bitcoin. However, it is important to note that you need to accumulate enough coins to meet the minimum threshold set by the game.

How do You Get Paid From Spin For Cash?

In the game, the value of 50,000 coins is equivalent to $1, which can be redeemed directly from the application. You can initiate the redemption process once you have reached the minimum payout amount. During this process, the app will prompt you to provide your official PayPal account or Bitcoin wallet address.

By supplying the necessary payment information, you can securely receive your earnings through the chosen method via PayPal or Bitcoin.

Ensuring that you have a valid and verified PayPal account or a proper BTC wallet is recommended to facilitate a smooth transaction and receive your earnings without any issues.

Spin For Cash Payment Method.

To initiate a withdrawal from the Spin for Points app, you must reach a minimum payout threshold of 50,000 coins, which corresponds to a value of $1. Once you have accumulated this amount, you can proceed with the withdrawal process.

The app provides two options for receiving your earnings: PayPal and Bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal requirement remains at 50,000 coins regardless of the chosen payment method. This means that you must earn a total of 50,000 coins before requesting a withdrawal and receiving your earnings via either PayPal or Bitcoin.

It’s important to note that reaching the minimum payout threshold is necessary for both payment methods, ensuring consistency across the app’s withdrawal process.


  1. How can I redeem my points for Cash?

    Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for Cash. The minimum payout threshold is 50,000 coins, equivalent to $1. You can request a withdrawal and choose between PayPal or Bitcoin as your preferred payment method.

  2. Is Spin for Points a legitimate app?

    Spin for Points is a legitimate app that rewards users for their activities within the app. However, it’s important to note that while the app offers the opportunity to earn money, the actual amount earned may vary based on individual engagement and success.

  3. Can I play Spin for Points on multiple devices?

    You can play Spin for Points on multiple devices using the same account credentials to log in. This allows you to access your progress and continue earning points seamlessly across different devices.

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